Spring’s gray skies

Cloudy again! For those of you who may have not lived around here for very long, this is standard bill of fare at least several times during the spring. Cloudy periods for days on end can take what seems like forever to break. As mentioned below, the unfortunate thing is that there’s usually not alot of actual rainfall with these setups. Questions re have we finally caught up in the rain dept….at least short term we’re in good shape, but beyond that, it will take a general pattern shift to make up the longer-term deficit. At least we’re headed in the right direction. BTW, last check out the window, and some sun has finally emerged.
Posted 4/8/08: The weather since last Friday; thick cloud cover, rain and drizzle, plus unseasonably cool temperatures, is very typical for early spring. High pressure centered north of New England, wedging its cool air southward, gets trapped by a blockage in the upper-level wind flow. The jet stream is still blowing aloft, but it is non-progressive, i.e. the waves withing it are not moving along. The resultant low-level stratiform cloud deck can hang on for several days, which it has. Brightening skies should return soon, but the extended forecast calls for another big chill-down early next week.


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