Now we need some rain

Update posted 5/7/08: Slight risk of severe deliniated for Thursday by SPC includes our area. Gusty winds, hail primary threats, and mainly Thursday night. Note that SPC has greatest probabilities of severe (30% or higher) south of Virginia. While last week’s tornado outbreak put some fearful respect into most of us, the severity was on the high-end of the scale by Virginia standards. Not saying won’t happen again at some point, but most VA tornadoes are EF0s, comparable in many ways to strong straight-line thunderstorm winds. BTW, Sunday night’s expected storm looks much more impressive on computer guidance than Thursday’s system. Could be a big drencher.

Posted 5/6/08: A break from the rain over the past week-plus means that we now could use some. Funny how the weather works that way. Good bet for some rain later Thursday into Friday, then again late Sunday. Be sure to check out our new blog look in the next few days


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