Another rough storm

Posted by NBC12 Meteorologist Jim Duncan

Another rough storm has surged across Virginia late this Mother’s Day.  Looks like biggest feature has been the torrential rain, with some isolated severe reports early evening.  The storm is a developing low pressure area moving out of eastern North Carolina, exhibiting almost winter-like coastal growth characteristics.  Unlike last spring, this year has been exponentially more active with aggressive cold fronts and dynamically-charged jet stream interactions.  Plain english… much stormier. 

I appreciate your many comments re our new web look.  I read all, and do appreciate you taking the time to post.  It may take some getting used to, but the scope of additional weather products/info is vastly improved.  As you’re navigating around and checking things out, be sure to look at the numerous radar products, including the interactive radar page.  


2 Responses to Another rough storm

  1. James says:

    Does the sun ever shine in Richmond? The National Weather Service says that we have had 1 clear day since April 18th. Depressing!!

  2. Judy says:

    Please don’t tell me that we are in a drought! I appreciate the rain but someone left the spigot on here in Louisa. I’m not sure of how much rain that we have had but my yard is like a swamp right now. Do you see a drier pattern ahead? I know, I know, I shouldn’t “whine” about the rain… however, I do need to mow the lawn while I can still find the mower.

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