What’s a CYCLONE?

posted by NBC 12 Meteorologist Andrew Freiden

We’ve been hearing news of the death and destruction in Myanmar, and the references to the “Cyclone” that hit there. My inbox is filling up with “What is a cyclone?” emails. I figured the new and improved blog would be a good place to address it.

a CYCLONE is any counter-clockwise (In the Northern Hemisphere) rotating closed circulation. We know them here in the U.S. as Hurricanes. They basically had a large hurricane hit in Myanmar but there it’s called a Tropical Cyclone. You may also hear the word “Typhoon.” Same storm, different region. That’s what they are called in the NW Pacific Ocean. Here’s a more complete description from the AOML.


2 Responses to What’s a CYCLONE?

  1. Thank you. You’re my favorite weatherman.

  2. Brian says:

    great, I love the video addition to the blog. keep it up!

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