More about our new weather page

Posted by NBC12 Meteorologist Jim Duncan

As you’ve probably discovered, there’s much new on our weather page, part of the all-new look of our NBC12 website.  I’ll try to highlight some of the features in this, and future blog postings.   During severe weather, NWS alerts will scroll across the top of the page, highlighted in red, until the threat of dangerous weather is over.  From severe thunderstorm watches, to tornado warnings, to flood advisories, you can also find any weather alert issued in map form by clicking on “NWS Alerts” located near top of page.   On this NWS alerts graphic, you can also select any region of the United States.  All of this is fresh, updated, and posted in real-time to give you vital warning information when you need it. 




One Response to More about our new weather page

  1. Steve Heffernan says:

    Just wanted to say that your new website is easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, responsive and fast loading. A big improvement over the previous design. Keep up the good work. Just keep those Flash animated ads to a minimum. They were very annoying on the old site.

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