Hurricane season… it’s not the numbers

Posted by NBC12 Meteorologist Jim Duncan

The official begining of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season is June 1st. There have already been several season outlooks issued by private and government (NOAA) forecasters.  All seem to point to an active season (with respect to numbers of named storms). We’ve seen this script before, namely for the past two years.  The perception is that last year was not an active season at all,  chiefly because only one storm made direct contact with the U.S. mainland.   The reality, however, shows that it did turn out to be quite busy, with many named storms and no fewer than 2 major hurricanes in the vicinity of Yucatan and Central America.   Steering currents aloft kept the vast majority of remaining tropical activity last year either over open Atlantic waters, or steered significantly south of the U.S.

The point is… it is not the number of storms that is so important, rather it is where they track and make landfall.   What makes a storm season memorable takes only a single storm… something we all need to remember when we get caught up in the pre-season numbers game.


2 Responses to Hurricane season… it’s not the numbers

  1. Al Saeburn says:

    The most pervasive dangers of mother nature lurk all the time for our area from now thru October – that’s 5 whole months! Being prepared for power outages, flooding and property damage is important, but protecting life & health is top priority for us all. Many should appreciate & take head of the information provided about preparing for hurricane season on NBC 12 today.

  2. David Smith says:

    Also it really does not have to be Hurricane season for a storm to develop and cause headaches, even if it is not a full hurricane (tropical storm). Last December the week of December 9th I was on a boat in the eastern carribean and we ran into a nice post seasonal tropical storm, called Olga. Boy did she pack a punch and and made a lot of people sea sick, but personally for me I thought it was awesome. Although weather can be very dangerous, it is really awesome to see the power of the earth and what the weather can do to a 500 ton ship. Regards

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