Ozone alert thresholds lowered

Posted by NBC 12 Meteorologist Jim Duncan

We’re going to see a lot more ozone alerts this year, and it’s not because our air quality has suddenly plunged.  In fact, our air quality continues to improve.  Check out the following letter from the Director of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.  A snippet is below the link.


“Some localities already have had days in 2008 that have exceeded the new ozone standard this year, but it is important to remember that air quality is not getting worse; Virginia now has a tougher standard to meet. “


2 Responses to Ozone alert thresholds lowered

  1. G. Paterson says:

    Here we have yet another example of how government agencies work more to protect their budget increases that they do on any other subject, most especially whatever public function they were originally intended to serve. By lowering the threshold for “ozone danger”, EPA and VDEOQ bureaucrats are able to rationalize ever increasing budgets to combat their self-created “dangers”.

  2. Rosalie Koch says:

    Will the poor ozone levels be posted on your website? If not, could this be done as I don’t always have an opportunity to view the newscast.

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