It’s hurricane season, but not prime-time

Posted by NBC12 Meteorologist Jim Duncan

The 2008 Atlantic hurricane season has officially begun, and stretches until the end of November.  A long season, for sure, but prime-time is limited to a fairly narrow window.   From about mid-August through the third week of September, tropical storm development tends to peak.  Ocean water temperatures in the prime storm breeding grounds (eastern, low-latitudes Atlantic) are still not quite warm (80+F) enough over a large enough area, and tropical wave activity (precurser to storms and hurricanes) is still pretty sedate.  Both of those ingredients come fully into play later in the summer.  Until then, tropical systems most often devleop near the Gulf of Mexico, and climatologically happen with much smalller freuency than their later-season brethren.   Check out this storm seasonal frequency chart from NOAA:


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