More on the early June heat wave

Posted by NBC12 Meteorologist Jim Duncan

Note: I posted this a few days ago, but think it’s worth keeping it in the “headline” blog spot for another day to 2 since the link below is especially good.

The National Weather Service, Wakefield, just put out a nice graphics presentation summarizing our June heat wave.   Check it out here,  The Wakefield NWS Office frequently puts out some really interesting  special feature products such as this.


2 Responses to More on the early June heat wave

  1. lucy says:

    this is the storm earlier today about 12:30 this afternoon

  2. bobby_r says:

    Your absolutely right Jim. Whats neat, too, is that the different NWS offices around the country put have different products that are of particular interest in their area of the country.

    There is some great video at, go to Scott’s blog page for the videos, scroll down his blog page to see not only facinatiing videos but facinating photos as well, the night photo from Atlanta almost unbelievable. The incredible power of tornadoes is amazing! There’s a 1 minute video of what a small (physical size) but EF2 rated tornadoe did in less than 5 seconds (watch the timer) to parked some vehicles. There are several different camera angles taken of this tornado. There is, also, a 4 minute video of the tornado that hit Suffolk, Va. a month ago.

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