“It’s getting dry out here!”

That quote in the headline above is from a NBC 12 viewer in Cumberland County whose pasture has dried up.  She writes the following in an email I received today:

I just want to let you know how dry it is out here. My pastures have dried up in record time this year.  I think the last time we had any significant rain fall was a good 3 1/2 weeks ago. No rain but a brief sprinkle this past weekend.  I just hate to think this is the third year of drought for us out this way, but as I am watching another tree die in the pasture, I believe it is upon us. 

She says the last signficant rain for her was at the beginning of the month and her land is as dry now as it was in late July and August of last year.  We had a much-discussed wet spring but the early June heat wave has a lot of areas drying out quickly. 

I pulled up the rainfall departure from average over the past thirty days from The National Weather Service Precipation Analysis Page.  It’s a great resource for graphical representations of rainfall history.   You can see from the image below that it’s been dry for most of us in Virginia for the past month.  From the Black line south, the dryness is widespread.  You can click on the image to get a bigger view.

The wettest spot in our area?  The airport.  Check out the green color over the “a” in “Virginia.”  The official RIC rain numbers are in with a surplus (The airport got 2.32″ On Saturday) which is why sometimes the “official” numbers don’t do a great job summarizing what’s happening over a large area.

It’s the time of year when rainfall gets spotty– Let’s hope for some soaking thunderstorms SOON to help eat into that deficit.

-Posted by NBC 12 Meteorologist Andrew Freiden


One Response to “It’s getting dry out here!”

  1. pop says:

    Nice widget for determining area rainfall. I’ve noticed as well that area rainfall (as well as temperature) varies widely at times. I like your rain gauge at WWBT (because I live nearby) as well as the dozen or so on the Richmond page from Weather Underground. Course, nothing beats my guesstimation bucket next to my garden 🙂

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