What Happened to Arthur?

Bertha is grabbing big headlines as the first hurricane of the year.  She formed earlier than average and quickly developed into a major hurricane that likely won’t affect the east coast.

This is as good a time as any to point out the new hurricane tracking page on NBC12.com.  It’s interactive, and a pretty rich source of information. Just scroll your cursor over the storm track to look at past NHC advisories and the latest forecast.  Here’s a screen shot of Bertha from the page:

An an email to the weather office asks, “What happened to the “A” storm this year?”  If you blinked, you probably missed “Arthur.” He was barely a tropical storm (max winds were 35mph) and he was only around for three days.  The track of Arthur is below (follow the yellow line).  He was around right at the beginning of Hurricane Season.

Posted By NBC 12 Meteorologist Andrew Freiden


2 Responses to What Happened to Arthur?

  1. afreiden says:

    Thanks for the post, Nick!
    Keep in mind hurricanes are tough to handle due to the damage they cause, but they are a vital part of our climate around here. If we don’t get landfalling tropical systems, we miss out on a critical source of late-summer/fall rain!
    -Andrew Freiden

  2. Nick N. says:

    I was wondering at first if Bertha would revisit Virginia, but I guess not. Probably not a bad thing though.
    Oh and the NBC12 tracking site is great!

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