NBC12 Weather in HD

NBC12 is broadcasting in HD, and as part of this transition we have brand new weather computers in the First Warning Weather “suite”.  At first glance you may not notice much difference, as many of the graphics have been seamlessly transformed from the old system to the new (a few early on-air glitches aside).  However, there are many subtle, and not so subtle, enhancements that, over time, will be quite evident when you watch us.

One big change involves our base Earth mapping, giving viewers a real view of topography and ground elements heretofore unseen in television weather graphics.   But that’s just a starting point.  Enhanced radar and satellie imaging, integrated within these maps, will provide our viewers with best-available technology…  From small-scale severe storms (such as thunderstorms and tornadoes), to larger-sized weather systems (hurricanes and winter storms)… From new HD visible satellite views, to hail and wind shear tracking, and real-time lightning detection.

Forecast products, such as our popular “Hour by Hour” forecast, have been enhanced with the highest resolution model data available (plain english… prediction maps, while never perfect, will have superior accuracy).  Winter storms will be broken down more precisely in terms of precipitation types, giving fine-tuned deliniations of where, and how much, snow and ice will fall.

More info will follow in future blog posts.

Posted by Jim Duncan


4 Responses to NBC12 Weather in HD

  1. Dave says:

    Hey NBC weather team, glad that you all are now in HD, now the weather is SOOO clear, and the transitions look great especially on the 7 Day planner, keep it up! Thanks to NBC for bring us local weather!

  2. Sharon says:

    I was wondering why the weather cutins during the Today show the screen resolution is reduced to SD and not maintained at HD?

  3. Bubba says:

    Unfortunately, all you have have to watch your hair and complexion…LOL. No more rolling out of bed !!!

  4. NIck Neagle says:

    Well I am sure a fan of HD and this makes me more of one! I have always enjoyed the forecasts from NBC12 and this sounds to only enhance things. Thanks for keeping on top of things!!

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