Square Watermelons

Sorry to waste this space but I mentioned this on the morning newscast and thought you might be interested, since the Carytown Watermelon Festival takes place this Sunday.  There are people out there who sell clear plastic boxes in which to grow SQUARE WATERMELONS!  I know, it blows my mind too.  Genius. 

square watermelon picture

Hope you have a great weekend!

Andrew Freiden, NBC 12 Meteorologist


2 Responses to Square Watermelons

  1. Rainbow says:

    Now, there’s a neat idea for utilizing all available storage space! Would be much easier to package, ship, display in-store, etc.

    To Gayle: Yeah, I’d think you’d have a lot of chickens on valium. LoL

  2. Gayle says:

    What next..square eggs??!! I don’t think my chickens will like it even when I explain to them if the eggs were shaped that way, they won’t roll off the counter.

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