The dry weather of late has been accentuated by a pronounced lack of rainfall this month,  with most of the region receiving either nothing or just a few tenths of an inch since late July.  But is this a drought?

There are technical definitions of such that suggest we are in the early to mid stages of renewed drought conditions, not as bad as last summer, but increasingly dire with the passing dry days and weeks.   Many areas have  not had any appreciable rainfall at all this summer.   Other spots were in pretty good shape leading into August, the beneficiaries of periodic storm clusters that rolled through prior to this month.  

And our memories are sometimes short with respect to the weather, as just a few months ago we had our third wettest April on record with 8.32″ or rain, followed by substantially above-normal rainfall in May.  For the year on the whole, we’re acutally still running a little above the norm.

The point is simply this… weather is cyclical.  In the midst of a drought It hard to envision rainy days.  Conversely,  during those stretches of days and days of clouds and rain, the likes of which we’ve seen at least a couple of times this year, it seems like the sun will never return.  Consider this a “pep-talk” of sorts.  This dryness will be relieved, perhaps beginning as soon as next week.

Posted by Jim Duncan


One Response to Drought?

  1. anon says:

    WTVR is reporting it as a drought, as is the the US Drought Monitor which says we are in a moderate to severe drought (http://www.drought.unl.edu/DM/DM_southeast.htm). The same rationalization of “cyclical weather” was used for the June heat wave, but many records have been broken for individual days and entire months recently. Climate change research suggests that we will see more extremes, which would explain our all or nothing weather (overly rainy spring, overly dry August with no rain at all so far). I think it is only fair to call this what it is and not minimize the importance of it, as water levels are lowering fast, trees are dying, etc. Let’s hope we get much needed rain soon, but in the mean time, I think it’s important that we conserve what we have and look for ways to reduce these occurrences in the future where we have the power to make a difference. The precip is moving increasingly North as we have a drought almost every year. Will we not be as dry as Georgia before long?

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