How High for the James?

The heavy rain falling in Western Virginia will quickly raise the James River Levels in Richmond.  After hovering around 3 feet all summer long, the James is forecast to jump up to 8+ feet by the weekend. 

*Click here for the latest River level.  The picture above is not updating*

The Blue line above is the measured level, and the green line is the forecast.  I drew in what I think the EXTENDED river forecast would look like (It’s in purple).   The level will likely go back down to around 3 feet almost as fast as it went up.  Until the area vegetation goes dormant in colder weather, most rain that falls on the James River Watershed will get sucked up by plants (and we know those plants are thirsty). 

Until the groundwater level comes up substantially the river levels will continue to be low in the absence of frequent rain.  It’s all part of the natural cycle of weather that Jim wrote about in his previous post.

Posted by Andrew Freiden


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