The cycle turns, at least for now

Let me preface this blog post by stating that the rainy pattern now occurring over central and western VA  still has a very long way to go to achieve some sort of “balance” for the extreme dryness/drought that large parts of the area have been mired in this summer.   

That being said,  this turn to wetter weather serves as a reminder that Mother Nature is always working to smooth things out…in the long run.  “Normal” weather is a manifestation of cyclical gyrations averaged over time… hot versus cold, dry versus wet, and so on.  The complexity of it all is mind boggling;  Jet streams, highs, lows, cold fronts, warm fronts, tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, arctic blasts, heat waves. and more.  Given enough time, the balancing act involving all of these ingredients governs.

So, this current turn to rainier days that will affect some spots more than others, is reassuring.  The cycle has turned, at least for now.

Posted by Jim Duncan


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