Hanna tough to call

Hanna remains a forecast challenge, even less than two days out from her expected impact on our region.  As of this writing (11:30pm Wed), the track of Hanna from the Tropical Prediction Center and most of the computer guidance indicates a trek towards the Carolinas, then a turn that would bring landfall perhaps as far north as southeastern NC very late Friday night.  Thereafter, she is expected to recurve to the northeast, brushing southeastern VA before moving on.  Wind most likely will not be an issue inland, but coastal areas, including the Bay, need to be aware of stronger wind potential there.   Check out our main weather discussion page for updated details on what to expect. 

Posted by Jim Duncan


One Response to Hanna tough to call

  1. melissa says:

    Can hurricanes collide and combine? If so, does this tend to result in a net weakening or strengthening? Thanks!

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