Big rains from Hanna

Hanna will be sliding northward across eastern Virginia Saturday, with the potential for several inches of rainfall.  We are fortunate that several dry days have led up to this point, so dry ground should more efficiently be able to handle all of the water.  Nevertheless, flood watches have been issued, and there could be localized problems with that depending on how long the heavy rain lasts.

Winds will also be strong, perhaps tropical storm force, along eastern Virginia, generally along coastal areas and adjacent counties.  Folks who have interests at the Bay should be aware that this could be a rough one there, with wind and high water swells.

I’ll be updateing with the latest on our main weather discussion page.

Posted by Jim Duncan


5 Responses to Big rains from Hanna

  1. Rachel says:

    Along with Kare, I have been wondering the chances of severe weather as in tornados. Could you put up information about that? Thanks!!

  2. Kare says:

    Don if you go to, type in your zip code, then click on the 36 hour report it will tell you what the expected wind will be.

  3. Don says:

    What wind speed we’ll likely get in Richmond?

  4. Kare says:

    I have a question . . . What are the chances we will experiance severe weather i.e. tornadoes, with this storm? I have been reading that tornadoes are common during huricanes and tropical storms, but I haven’t heard any mention of that in referance to Hanna.

  5. diegom says:

    The forecasts show Hannah as a Tropical Storm. Several years ago Isabel — also a Tropical Storm — caused a great deal of damage in the Richmond area (and elsewhere). As I recall, some areas were without electricity for up to a week.

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