Hanna on the fast track

Hanna is rocketing northward this Saturday morning, and will be out of here later in the day after a several-hour hit of heavy rain.  It seems ironic in a way that this storm that sat for days and days near the Bahamas, drifting a few miles here or there, is now moving so rapidly.

With increasing news coverage of the stagnant storm from Monday through Thursday, it’s almost a relief that she finally succumbed to the wind currents aloft that are now steering her on a steady trek to the north and northeast.  This is typical with tropical systems.  Light upper-level winds in lower latitudes allow tropical storms and hurricanes to move slowly while absorbing increasing water and strength.  Then,  when they recurve north and get caught up in the stronger upper winds at our latitudes, they accelerate.  Hanna followed the typical script.

Posted by Jim Duncan


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