Coastal storm brewing

A sizeable coastal storm is brewing, with a stationary front off the Carolina coastline acting as a place-holder of sorts for the yet to develop system.  The high pressure ridge to our north that’s pretty much been in control of our weather since last week is a key player for this storm.  The large pressure gradient, or change in air pressure, between the High and the Low will help funnel increasing onshore winds into coastal areas from midweek through Friday.

For us, rain seems certain, with advection of plentiful moisture inland from the ocean.  It’s been quite awhile since our last soaking rain (from Hanna), so the timing is right. 

A side-bar to this storm is that there will be another, potential tropical system developing concurrently well offshore, moving from the Bahamas northward towards the end of this week.  That system should stay detached from the coastal storm, so it most likely won’t be a concern for us.  This is certainly a complex, yet interesting weather set-up.

Posted by Jim Duncan


One Response to Coastal storm brewing

  1. Jason says:

    Could this possible turn into a tropical storm? If so, the direction of this storm seems to be headed west which could bring us significant amounts of rainfall. Could this be another Gaston?


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