Big coastal storm means rain, some wind

You’ve probably heard by now…a good-sized coastal storm is developing off the Carolina coast.  This is, in fact, old news.  That storm has been treading water for almost a week now along a stationary front.  Conditions are finally becoming more condusive to strengthening, and it’s a good possibility that the system will aquire tropical characteristics before moving inland over southern North Carolina early Friday.  Even if it does, this won’t be as much of a “classic” tropical system… instead it will be a hybrid of sorts. 

This simply means that it will end up bringing weather conditions (cool temperatures, heavy rain, and winds from the north-northeast) often found in your typical nor’easter.   Numerous advisories are in effect, mainly for coastal areas and higher elevations to the west, for wind and coastal flooding.

For Central Virginia, a good dousing of rain is in store; something we could really use now since it’s been well over a week since our last.

Posted by Jim Duncan


One Response to Big coastal storm means rain, some wind

  1. Drew Talle says:

    The State Fair always brings rain, is what my grandmother used to say.

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