Cold Winter? (reprise)

(This has been a popular blog post, so decided to reprise it as “headline” post.)

It’s getting to be that time of year when thoughts start turning to the next big season ahead.   Sure, fall arrives Monday, but the bigger season in terms of cold, snow, ice, and yes, heating bills, looms just a few of months down the road.   The Farmer’s Almanac has already created some chatter with predictions of a cold and perhaps snowy winter. 

There’s a funny thing about winter forecasts.  Ask most prognosticators what they think will happen, and I bet the majority will call for a colder and snowier than normal winter (unless there are obvious signs otherwise).  There’s something about human nature that in some way craves speculation that the upcoming winter will be worse than the last.  I’m not sure about this, but it seems to be true.

In any event, the forecast for this winter is still being digested and formulated by meteorologists here and elswhere.  As a VERY preliminary guess, I would hedge on the side of colder with more snow than recent years.  Based on our past multi-year snow-drought, though, that’s not necessarily too hard to figure.

Posted by Jim Duncan


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