November’s here, and…

Well, we are now entering one of the bigger transition months of the year.  It can be very warm or very cold.  It can bring rain, and sometimes snow.  The pattern that governed the past few weeks has been fairly active with plunges of chilly air southward every few days.   This is a pattern we did not see so much of last fall (recall the very warm early and mid autumn), so it would lead you to believe that maybe, just maybe things will be a little different this winter.

I discussed this a bit in my last post. 

Regarding this November,  the signs aren’t there yet for our first taste of snow, but the first flakes will often surprise.  I remember a Veterans Day snow back in the late 80s that fooled this forecaster, leaving me “wheels-spinning” on the side of the road in about 4″ of what I thought would be just rain.  Lesson learned.

Posted by Jim Duncan


One Response to November’s here, and…

  1. Judy says:

    I too remember the snow in the late 80’s. The reason that it is so vivid in my mind is, that was my first year to drive a school bus. It actually wasn’t all that cold when it snowed so everyone assumed that the snow wouldn’t last. Lo and behold, there was 7 inches of snow on the road here in Louisa and all the way home with the school bus it left me wondering what in the world I was doing there in that bus. lol Everyone made it home safley though. When I got home, I totally enjoyed the snow then.

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