First Snowflakes!

As Cold air streams into the mid-Atlantic, there were a couple decent snow showers in the early morning hours Tuesday.  I thought I’d share some of the pictures that came in.

Here’s a decent shot of snow in Ford, which is in Dinwiddie.  It’s courtesy of Walt Sibisky.

Walt Sibisky

Courtesy: Walt Sibisky


Here’s another one.  It’s from Judy Hagerman.   This is from Louisa where the radar showed a pretty decent snow shower.  The snow then moved into Henrico and the City, producing a few flurries.  Enjoy the snowflakes if you were able to catch some!

Judy Hagerman

Courtesy: Judy Hagerman

Posted By Andrew Freiden

One Response to First Snowflakes!

  1. mynasa2 says:

    thank you andrew and the prson that answers the phones at night for telling me what those bright lighta are in the western sky!!!!
    i would have bet the largest one was the spacestation!someone said you could see the tool pack they lost while on their mission! i can’t quite believe that either! keep doing the great job everyone does at the station, you’re #1 in this house

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