Any snow?

Update posted 11/26:  Cold air will return during the weekend, with a large storm developing over the Midwest, spreading across Southeast.  Cold surface air will be wedged in from late Saturday night into Sunday, but look for just rain, except in the mountains and far western Piedmont where there is a chance for a mix of wintry precip.  Could be a cold, rainy Sunday if this forecast scenario pans out.

OK… we’ve had the really cold temperatures (for November anyway), and a few flurries, but that’s been our early taste of winter so far.  While the weather pattern continues to favor generally below-normal temperatures into at least the first week of December, it is still hard to find any real hints of significant winter storm development for our region.

Of course, it’s a little early to be hunting for winter storms… after all, winter’s official arrival is still several weeks away.  However, given the patterns of the past 2 weeks, it does make you take a little closer notice of every storm pertubation that can be gleaned from the computer guidance.

Posted by Jim Duncan


6 Responses to Any snow?

  1. Sirius the Star Dog says:

    “…winter’s official arrival is still several weeks away.”
    You must be an astro-meteorologist b/c meteorological winter began DEC 1.

  2. Chris says:

    We are long overdue for a serious snowstorm. It has been several years since central VA has had any substantial accumulation, or at least accumulation that didn’t melt after 24 hours. A little Christmas snow would be fantastic however unlikely…

  3. Judy says:

    In years past we have heard alot about El Nino and La Nina and how it affects our winter weather. I would like to know what is the difference and what seems to be the prediction this winter and how it might affect us here in central Virginia this season. I tried the NWS site to figure this out on my own but the terms that they use, it just flew over my head!

  4. Carl says:

    I just checked the 15 day forcast on and they are predicting snow for us on Dec. 9th. Looks like there is 3 days there of very cold temps and precipitation. Hopefully, it will be cold enough and we get 3 days of snow!!

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  6. Ed Foley says:

    Winter like weather at Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area this paast weekend. High country received 4+ inches of snow. I have been camping here since 1987 and do not recall so much snow or winter time(lows in single digit)temperatures in November. Even though the weather in that part of the state can be vastly different than what we have in Richmond, I think you are on the money with your sensing that this winter may be more winter like than what we’ve had in quite a few years. Maybe I won’t have to travel to the mountains this winter to see appreciable amounts of snow. Thanks, Ed

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