UPDATE: It’s official; how to measure snow

Here’s a great link to some guidlines on how to measure snow.  It’s provided by the National Weather Service, Wakefield.  http://www.erh.noaa.gov/er/akq/winter/Snow%20Measurement%20Guidelines.pdf

UPDATE 12/3:  Snow prospects may be looking up a little as we move forward to next week and the following weekend.  This weekend will begin a series of crushing blows of cold air, with the possibility of a few snowshowers late Saturday night (no accumulations expected, although a dusting will be possible).  Warmer temps arrive for a couple of days next week (Tues-Wed.), but then very cold air should make a comeback, so we’ll continue to watch this pattern for the next 8-14 days for stronger winter storm potential.  Stay tuned.

Posted by Jim Duncan


One Response to UPDATE: It’s official; how to measure snow

  1. Mike says:

    Please, please, please let it be so!!!! Let it snow, snow, snow. I grew up in NE Ohio and moved here 18 years ago. I certainly don’t want the kind of weather they get up there all winter but I do miss seeing the occasional snow storm. A few dumpings would be nice this winter. Not too much that it wears out it’s welcome but enough to make one feel like a kid again.

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