Close calls

Winter storms have blasted much of the Midwest, Northeast, and even the South lately, but so far, central Virginia has escaped the harshest blows.  The latest storm brought us rain along with very cold temperatures, but no ice and snow.

If you’re thinking like I am, i.e. it’s only a matter of time for our turn, then you may be on some solid footing.  As mentioned in many of my previous posts, the general patterns are decidedly winter-like (despite our occasional spells of very warm temps lately).

Keep an eye peeled on the forecasts…

Posted by Jim Duncan


9 Responses to Close calls

  1. over it says:

    Why can the cold air never make it here? We are not that far South. It used to snow all the time in Richmond. Now it never does and it’s not just that we miss the snow by a few degrees, it’s that whenever moisture comes it has to go up to 60s and 70s. That is not normal for winter to have that happen constantly. A fluke, yes, but this is becoming the norm. This is the worst place in the country for snow.

  2. CAC says:

    Were have the snow gone? We have not had a full snow day since when I was in 8th grade, now I’m in 11th grade. I now you can’t control the weather Jim, but I’m starting to lose hope that Richmond will ever see snow again. Enough with all this rain. We want snow! And not just a flurry/dusting, we want a 12-18+ inch full day-night snowstorm/blizzard! BRING ON THE SNOW PLEASE!!!

  3. DC says:

    The problem is we’re stuck in the wrong part of that state…between the beaches and the mountains…it’s just not an ideal position for regular/frequent snowfalls.

    I really do hope it snows this year and that it’s more than just a dusting. The phrase “we’re due” keeps coming up…and honestly I want to SCREAM when they say that….BECAUSE THEY’VE BEEN SAYING IT FOR THE PAST 5 WINTERS!!!!!!

  4. Tim M. says:

    It is NEVER going to snow here in Richmond again! I have become totally resigned to that fact. It used to snow, but it doesn’t anymore. It is totally depressing…

  5. klcvcv says:

    Al got 6 inches a few weeks ago 😦

  6. Sarah says:

    Even Las Vegas got 3 inches of snow!! It’s just not fair 😉

  7. Kare says:

    I understand about sitting up half the night to see if it snows. I think I am more excited than the kids when snow is in the forcast.

  8. Kristin T. says:

    Don’t toy with us Jim, LOL! I’m dying for some snow and every time I see the winter warnings go up all around us and all we get is a bunch of stinking rain, I get so irritated I turn off the TV!
    I really hope our turn is coming soon!!

  9. Judy says:

    I am looking forward to some snow this winter even if it is just one. I have been known to sit up all night waiting to catch a glimpse of snowfall. What I am wondering though, what’s with the tornado icon on First Warning Forecast this morning? Scary lol.

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