Storms, but snow a no-show

The patterns aloft don’t seem to be favoring us with any decent snow chances into the upcoming holidays into the start of the New Year.  While our friends to the north have been slammed with several significant winter storms, we’ve been left with rain.  Will this change anytime soon?

As noted in the blog post, Winter Outlook, I wouldn’t count on major changes into at least early January.  Now, here is the catch.  The frequent, but short-lived shots of cold air we’ve been experiencing could conceiveably coincide with a quick southern system for a rapid hit of wintry precip. at some point, despite the mild pattern.  So,  there’s still hope, and the season is still very young.

UPDATE… Posted 12/21:  Jet stream patterns after the current cold snap look very unfavorable for snow-fans.  An unusually strong Southeastern high pressure ridge aloft should be very effective in keeping generally mild to warm conditions over the region into early January.

Posted by Jim Duncan


8 Responses to Storms, but snow a no-show

  1. Lew says:

    The winters in Richmond have become so depressing for snow lovers…i’m 36 years old, and it’s hard for me to understand what’s become of winters around here. I can remember when i was growing up here, and it seemed like we’d always have at least 1 good snow storm a year, and multiple others with 3 inches or so…we were always missing time from school too. Now, there’s NOTHING…i don’t get it, and it does make me contemplate wanting to move to another climate that is more conducive to snowy weather during the winter. I sure wish we could get just ONE nice snowstorm….i’ve have really forgotten what its like. I mean, we hardly even get THREATS of a snowstorm these days, much less an actual storm!! If i had one wish for Christmas, i would wish for a HUGE SNOWSTORM to hit us here in Richmond this season!!

  2. Chris says:

    its getting harder and harder to know what to expect. i guess i should expect it to be in the 60’s and 70’s in january all the time. it would be nice if it were accurate in forecasting more often. i hate when all the news stations start saying we might get a storm and nothing happens but rain. why is it so hard to forecast here?

  3. Jack Frost says:

    And im sure mr. or mrs. mighty dyckerson is an expert at driving in winter conditions. After moving from Buffalo NY, to Richmond it is amazing what happens on these roads. Storm of 96 and 02 was a great example of how a lack of winter precip has on a city. Do we blame the ignorant folks who drive to ukrops for toilet paper and milk during winter precip in their honda accord or do we blame our lack of wintery weather?

  4. Here we go again. If there’s anything more predictable than Richmond’s mild winters, it’s the smartass punks who think they’re the only ones who know how to drive in snow. Lemme guess: You learned how to drive at the North Pole, right??

    If you don’t like it here, go back to that sewer that is Pittsburgh ASAP.

  5. DC says:

    …and maybe there should be a stop to the “well, the season is still young” stuff, or “we could get something….”. Come on, this is Richmond, VA…we’re not going to get a decent snowfall this year…just like the past 8-10 years past! So let’s get used to it. If it happens it happens…and people in Richmond will be just as unprepared for it as they would be had you warned them about it weeks in advance and gave them a 100% chance that it was definitely coming our way. The stores would be out of toilet paper, milk, and water…and half of the area’s driving population would be congesting the streets and bridges with accidents; while the other half is congesting the ditches and drainage fields with their cars that have slid off into them.

  6. DC says:

    I’m about ready to move back to Pittsburgh, PA. where I grew up. If you’re a snow lover, then stay away from Richmond. At least in Pittsburgh we had 4 distinct seasons.

  7. over it says:

    Winter has become a joke in Richmond. When Houston, New Orleans, and Las Vegas have had more snow than us, you know something is wrong. I’m ready to move to somewhere else where winter is still winter and not 70 degrees.

  8. I don’t have any friends to the north, so screw them.

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