Massive cold air outbreak

A huge outbreak of frigidly cold air with origins over deep reaches of the Northern Hemisphere will slam southward across all of the Eastern U.S. right on schedule, from Thursday through the weekend, with strong hints that it will continue at least through early next week.

The only thing missing for us is snowcover, as that would most certainly help temperatures plunge even more.  So how about that snow?  Any chances?

Short answer is we could see some light amounts (only a chance) from the very vigorous clipper storms diving southeastward from Canada.  Any redevelopment of these off the coast will tend to be far enough offshore, and north, to keep our chances of a significant snowfall out of reach.  Even so, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a small amount if one of the clippers drops far enough south. 

Posted by Jim Duncan


6 Responses to Massive cold air outbreak

  1. george says:

    Give us some snow, please!

  2. jackfrost says:

    Yes, one cold outbreak per year and Global Warming is fake. Just remember, there’s still no snow, and the rest of the winter has been anything but cold. Regardless, I’m glad it’s at least feeling more like winter – now we just need the white stuff.

  3. Chris says:

    Global Warming my frozen big toe!

  4. Mike says:

    Might be some hope for Sunday, a few snow showers anyway but I think the pattern is still favorable. The ridge in the west being proposed by models is over Idaho and usually that digs a nice trough in the SE for possible Mid Atlantic tracks. I think Sunday could have more potential if we had some form of blocking either a 50/50 low or big High in Canada. As it is, I think this storm beginning of next week will be a winner for New England, again.

  5. Judy says:

    It looks like this air mass will be too dry for any snow this go around. We need a good ol combination of moisture from the south with a cold front from the north to get snow. Even at that, as they say… “it depends on the track”. No worries though winter isn’t over for awhile yet. 🙂 ( I tried to post this comment earlier but the page went bezerk.. I hope it doesn’t go twice.)

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