Get ready for winter UPDATE 2/11

My suspicians that the second half of February will bring a decided turn to more wintry weather are growing stronger.  Our early taste of spring this week could be shoved back into the deep recesses of our memory should the expected pattern change take hold.

Look for the first hints this President’s Day weekend, although just some rain and cold temps will herald this initial stage of the pattern shift.

Next week and the final week of the month could bring close brushes with the possibility of snow.  Southern-tracking systems will keep us on our toes watching the maps, so stay tuned to this blog for updates.

Posted by Jim Duncan

UPDATE 2/11 7pm:  Watching next Wednesday (18th) for what’s looking like a decent chance of southern-tracking storm with some snow.  Stay tuned.  Jim     11pm update:  New computer run late this evening flip-flopping on this-back to rain!?!?! Still a week away, so will see


18 Responses to Get ready for winter UPDATE 2/11

  1. jeff says:

    I love snow, but it just doesn’t happen in Richmond anymore. I remember as a child in the 1970’s we had monster snowstorms here in Richmond. It amazes me how it will snow north of us in Frederickburg but just 50 miles south here in Richmond we only get rain…Bring on spring, I’m tired of having my hopes dashed!

  2. Jim VB says:

    The GFS is at . is a forum for people interested in Eastern US weather.

    We have been enjoying a warm week, but as Jim says, there is winter weather coming up, in the form of a huge bunch of storms waiting for us like monsters. So I named them after the hideous Gorgon monsters … Medusa, Stheno, Euryale, and one for which I made up a name, Kipedu. GFS says Medusa will give us rain on the 14th, Stheno rain on the 18th, Euryale snow, a close call, on the 22th, Kipedu rain on the 24th, and a new one on the 28th, which I shall call Leo, threatening snow on the 28th.

    If these produce substantial snow, the result will be cancellations, hundreds of accidents, impassibility on the roads, and if it is freezing rain instead, then hundreds of accidents and many power outages. That’s why I name them after Gorgons.

  3. Jessica Blankinship says:

    Hi Jim…just wondering, if it does in fact snow next week, are the chances of it sticking that great? With all this spring like weather, how long do we need to have colder temps to get the ground cold enough for any snow to stick around?!?!? Thanks for always keeping us posted…..

  4. jeff says:

    The storms broke apart before they hit Richmond. Hope no one loses their lights in Fredericksburg. The radar looks nasty up there.

  5. tyler says:

    the wind right now sounds like people are hitting my house with bats! its gusting over 40….

  6. Chris says:

    its been a while since i have seen a tv weather team mention the possibility of a souther storm this far out. something must be favorable. its just like january 2000. it was very warm the week before that system came thru.

  7. DAC71 says:

    How often many of you forget January 2000, and 1996! Snow doesn’t always get pushed away from Richmond 😉

    The models look promising for next Tues/Wed…so we at least have that. If it busts and we get rain or nothing; then I’m OK because I half expect that to happen. If it works out and we get 5″-10″ of snow; then all the better because it was unexpected and would be the biggest storm Richmond has seen in just over 9 years. I’ll even be happy with 2-3″ of fluffy goodness and be happy.

  8. joel says:

    It sure doesn’t feel like that Today!

  9. harrison says:

    it feels like a hurricane out there now

  10. jeff says:

    I’m calling for a chance of windy weather.

  11. Chris says:

    check this site out.
    the gfs is a computer model of what the weather patterns may be several days out. very good info there. everyone has been saying that we have had a lot of chances this year, but really its been very few. we will see what happens.

  12. Kerry says:

    What is the gfs?

  13. Stephen says:

    yeah the pattern ahead look’s really good.. the gfs show’s Rain Sat-sun then snow wed-thu then snow sat-sun then rain/snow tue-wed.

  14. Kristin says:

    As my skeptical father would say, “I’ll believe it when I see it!” After so many disappointments this year, I refuse to get my hopes up for any snow. It’ll probably rain like it always does. A science teacher I know told me, there is something in the atmosphere over Richmond that sends the snow away, I’m starting to think that is true!

  15. david says:

    As a former wannabe weatherman, I’m having trouble believing this. I know from the past big winter storms can hit late February and early March, but … until I see it this time around, I’m not falling for it. How many times can you cry wolf?

  16. Janet says:

    I’m getting a little excited Jim Duncan, don’t toy with us now! ha ha….fingers crossed here for some late winter snow!!

  17. Ryan says:

    at least conditions will be favorable…the GFS is showing the chance for a winter storm 7 days out, then another one 10 days out…we have to get lucky with a storm sooner or later

  18. Judy says:

    I have been on my toes all winter waiting for snow! I am afraid that if we miss the wagon with this next cold spell that will be the end of our snow chances for this winter. However being the eternal optimist, there is always next year. 🙂 Thanks Jim for trying to squeak out a little snow for us all winter. We are very grateful for the watchful eye that you and the entire channel 12 weather team keep out for us.

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