Ups and downs continue

There have been many false alarms hinted at in the computer guidance for chances of snow this winter, part of the ups and downs that have characterized the season.   I have been drawn into what looked like a “consensus” in the various weather models for some snow next week. 

That guidance has more recently turned to more of a rain scenario for midweek, with a slight northern jog in the storm track.  Ah, the joy of trying to outguess Mother Nature several days in advance;  a humbling part of the business.

Regardless, all is not lost for the snow-fans among us.  A brush with southern-tracking systems is still possible in the pattern ahead.

Posted by Jim Duncan


11 Responses to Ups and downs continue

  1. Mary Beth says:

    This has been a very disappointing snow season. Even when we have received a dusting, it has generally fallen at night so that us sonw lovers were not awake to watch. Please just don’t put the S word in the forecast anymore. It is just way too disappointing for me.

  2. Jeff J says:

    Agreed J-reid. If I was a forecaster I’d move to the Yukon. Today, cold… tomorrow cold… next week, cold…

  3. Judy says:

    Yeah to what J-Reid said. All in all though I still haven’t given up.. that’s what keeps us going.. tis the snow lovers optimistic ways. I like all seasons although winter is my favorite season. Everything just seems so peaceful and quiet when it snows and yes, I do have compassion for those that have to get out and go to work etc.. in the snow.. that is where common sense and skill gets us through though. Hot weather is extremely difficult for us COPD patients while trying to mow the lawn etc all summer… still at that, I enjoy that too. 🙂

  4. J-Reid says:

    wow, weather is unpredictable no matter what you do.. Computer models only give us a hint to what may actually happen. As much as i would love for our weathermen to forecast 100% correctly, that is never going to happen because weather isn’t completetly right until it is actually happening.

  5. dave says:

    does anybody think maybe they should calibrate these models since they consistently do the same thing – shift towards rain???? This is rediculous. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out when it happens over and over again. Give me a break.

  6. DAC71 says:

    I can see your point Jeff…although, I find it better not to get my hopes up living in RIC when it comes to a “2000” situation again….that’s what makes it all the better if something actually does happen. The models are trash this time out…even the EURO is flaky at best right now..and it’s usually a good model to bank on.

  7. Jeff B says:

    The long range conmputer guidence has been crap all winter our next storm will prob come out of nowhere like a blizzard 2000 situation. its not like its set in stone that this next storm will be rain that little brush we had with snow was forecast to be all rain 5 days out or so and instead of going up the apps it went offshore and was too far southeast to give us a lot of anything winter is still not over yet

  8. DAC71 says:

    A rain event in RIC? Who would have thought? What a shocker!!!! 😛

  9. Jeff J says:

    I think most snow lovers have already jumped ship for this winter. This essay offers a snow lover’s perspective about winter in Richmond now.

  10. George says:

    If it snows I will by you and your weather team lunch. Appreciable snows, non of that dusting stuff thats gone before 9AM

  11. Kristin says:

    I’m not holding my breath for ANY snow! I’m expecting a cold dreary rain. In fact, I’d rather it just get warm and stay that way instead of all this up and down junk. People are sick enough, the ups and downs of the temps. can only make the situation worse.

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