Stormy pattern looms ahead

The last 10 days of this month will feature a very stormy pattern over the Eastern U.S.,  with a relentless series of vigorous storms plowing across the Midwest to the Northeast. 

With trends pointing to a general storm track setting up just to our north, Virginia would be in an unfavorable position for snow, whereas Pennsylvania and points north could be dealing with some potentially significant late-winter snowstorms.

If this plays out,  it could be a memorable stretch of weather for our neighbors to the north, while we would see episodes of rain, followed by cold and windy conditions behind each departing storm. 

It will be an interesting period to watch, even though at this point it looks like we won’t be on the snowy side of things.

Posted by Jim Duncan


14 Responses to Stormy pattern looms ahead

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Some of us are just as happy to have snow as a once every few years event. If it is cold, it is winter – no need for snow. Come on spring.

  2. Mac Bender says:


    The reason we don’t get snow is due to the Richmond Bubble. There is a bubble that looms over the city and pushes all inclement weather to the North or South of the city. You should discuss this on the air.

  3. Larry says:

    OK, Jim, I’m just checking back to see if you’ve gone back to your tea leaves, or whatever…. In a previous post, I mentioned that I live in Quebec, and am planning a trip South. As unpleasant as 800+ miles in the rain would be, a journey through the “other” stuff would be unthinkable! I’ve pretty much already given up on golf, but give me some good news! (And trust me, folks, this snow thing that so many of y’all have been wishing for ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. I haven’t seen the ground since mid-December!)

  4. Judy says:

    Believe it or not… I have given up, I am done. Maybe at least warmer weather will come on soon and I can at least enjoy working off the frustration in the yard. 🙂

  5. Jeff says:

    Yeah, you’re a good guy Jim, but these “models” no longer have an ounce of credibility. As recently as two days ago, today was supposed to be cold and rainy. And…it was neither. May as well flip a coin…I’d have just as much chance as being right about the weather as what I see on TV….

  6. james says:

    Why does the shortest month (Feb) seem to be the longest winter month?? we get a tease of spring weather, but winter wants to linger on – just get it over with already….

  7. DAC71 says:

    Haha…rain again! Isn’t this just perfect? Maybe a trip to Seven Springs, PA will set my mind at ease? Skiing on some fresh powder and being in the middle of a great snow event; since we just can’t seem to squeeze one out here in VA. this year. Oh well, almost Spring!

  8. Larry says:

    Just my luck! I live in Quebec, Canada, where we have had more than our share of snow this season, and I am planning to head down to Richmond next weekend to visit and hopefully play a little golf. Mr. Duncan’s forecast reminds me of winters before I left – cold and rainy! Compared with the “Canadian alternative”, though, I’ll take what I get!

  9. Mike says:

    Oh well, appreciate the continued posts and honesty Jim. The modesls have not been consistent. I would bet the GFS has given us over 60 fantasy inches of snow so far this year. I know signs point to the Nina pattern weakening and we should be due for a nino winter next year, any long range thoughts for winter 2009-2010? I guess I have given up this year, bring on warm temperatures.

  10. Maria Danbury says:

    I hate to be cynical, but those “possibilites of snow” in the distant future that routinely turn to rain as the days pass seem more ratings-related than actual weather predictions. National weather maps rarely predict snow for our area, but the locals get everyone watching and talking about the upcomming storms. It’s an efffective strategy; even as I write about my distate for the trend, here I am, reading the NBC weather blog!

  11. dave says:

    5 days ago we were hearing “stormy pattern with southern tracks”. Now it’s northern. I don’t believe anything I hear anymore. But one thing is for certain – the models would never shift towards snow for us as we get closer….it’s a shift towards rain every time. Heck at this point I’d take rain because we are already heading towards a drought again. It hasn’t rained heavily in ages and we are having wildfires now. Plus it’s been 60s/70s not for a day but for weeks in Feb. I guess some would still expect me to believe our climate isn’t changing – sorry, can’t do that….I’m not blind. After going months and years with broken promises, I really do believe that a good snow is the eqivalent of a dinosaur around here – extinct.

  12. Jeff says:

    “Neighbors to our north.” I guess that’s a phrase people in Raleigh and Atlanta used to use before their climate became ours.

  13. Chris says:

    hurry up with summer already. maybe i will move out of this are that obviously won’t see any snow anytime soon.

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