Wow! Snowiest winter in years

I wanted to share this link with you for a different perspective on snowfall this winter to our north.  Upstate New York (an area near and dear to me; I grew up there),  has been buried with snow since late October.  Check this out:



22 Responses to Wow! Snowiest winter in years

  1. Judy says:

    That’s the good thing about Virginia’s winters. There is something for everyone. If you wish for a good snow and just happen to get one.. it usually doesn’t hang around for very long for it isn’t uncommon to have 60 degree days just the day before or the day after a snow. I can remember alot of winters of having snow on the easter lilys, grant you it may only be an inch or just a dusting but it does happen.

  2. Larry says:

    A few years, or even a few decades, hardly constitutes major climate shift. It’s known as “weather”, and from my memories of Richmond’s weather, winter isn’t over yet! Climatologists and followers of Al Gore can debate this subject until doomsday, but only time will tell whether they were right. To refresh my memory, I retrieved photos of Richmond’s biggest snowfall of two seasons ago, dated April 7, 2007. There appears to be about an inch on the ground, and flowers were in bloom everywhere. My notation indicated it had been around 80 degrees the day before!
    My wife moved to Virginia from Quebec to escape the winters over 30 years ago, and hated every flake we ever got in Richmond. For reasons I can’t even remember, we both moved to Canada two long winters ago, but I don’t think I can take another one! We still had snow on the ground into May! Sure, snow is fun if you don’t have to live in it 24/7 , but be careful what you wish for – you’ve always got Wintergreen!

  3. Judy says:

    I too like Jim came from a place where we use to get tons of snow every winter.. there was no wondering if we were going to get it or not. Yes, I am sure that he misses the snow as much as I do. Okay okay, don’t say well why don’t you go back there. I came to this area because of work and I have grown to love the people and the area but that still doesn’t mean that I love the weather.. after all, there is no perfect weather anywhere. I am sure that there will always be others who don’t like all of the weather all of the time no matter where they may live.I still keep hoping that like in times past that we will get “the big one”. I have been watching Jim every since he came to Richmond and that’s been a longggtime. Thanks for sharing your hometown weather Jim.

  4. Jeff J says:

    I figured it sounded better than global warming.

  5. harrison says:

    how can foam scare snow away?

  6. Jeff J says:

    I hear Congress is proposing a bailout for Ukrops and they’re going to use the money to clean up the mystery foam in the James River that’s scaring the snow away.

  7. hitnskins says:

    A friend of mine said that he got 1/2″ overnight down in Va. Beach area. It sure does SUCK not getting any snow here anymore….i can’t believe how WEAK this winter has been….it seems like all we are left with here in Richmond are memories. It’s funny too, because i can remember my father telling me when i was growing up about how much more it snowed when he was coming up(back in the early 50’s-60’s….(i was born in 72), and saw some great snows through the late 70’s and early 80’s….and i was just talking to Nephew about how much more it snowed when i was young like him(because he’s never seen a big snowstorm here in Richmond, and just thinks that getting snow is like winning the lottery, and not to be expected)…which made me start thinking about how the trend is definitely heading in the wrong direction. No matter what the cause is of our lack of snow, it just SUCKS!!! I miss winter time, and the anticipation of possible snowstorms… seems like just yesterday that everyone was blaming it on El Nino, which i thought would be like a year or two ordeal, and then we’d be back to normal….but normal seems like a million years ago now! I guess there’s always the same dumb blind hope/faith that winter will return next year…..

  8. Bubs Rice says:

    Its snowing in White Stone right now

    • Helen Smith says:

      Hi Bubs,
      I checked out this site because I’m choosing a pseudonym to use for my creative writing. Bubs was my childhood nickname, and Rice my maiden name. I’m 69 and live in England.
      How about you?

  9. Brian says:

    Teasing us with stories of awesome snowfall is like me teasing Jim with stories of hair re-growth. Thanks Jim

  10. Jenn says:

    Don’t be mean to Jim! He is just trying to let us see some snow SOMEWHERE. Perhaps he thought us snow lovers would like to take a trip…

  11. jr. g says:

    It snowed half a inch out here near Waynesboro last night, That brings our season total up to just under 6 inches. Not much and it’s way below average again but at least it’s alittle bit. It appears that no where in the state will recieve consistent snow again. Occasionally snow will hit the state, but it will be the exception and no longer the norm, the jet stream just is no longer able to support a southern storm that rides up the coast anymore. And when Virginia does eventually get a widespread snow again , people should’nt say all is well, because it isn’t. Snow will occur but very infrequently from this point foward it appears.

  12. Jeff J. says:

    Thanks T. Some will look at your stats and say it’s a normal ‘few years’ snow drought but when you combine those stats with these that I posted a while back, it sure does look like a long-term shift instead of a temporary thing.

    A listing of all 6”+ snows in Richmond, VA since January 1980.

    7.7” January 2-3, 2002
    12.5” January 24-25, 2000
    8.3” February 16, 1996
    11.5” January 6-8, 1996
    7.6” February 18, 1989
    7.5” January 7-8, 1988
    8.4” January 25-26, 1987
    7.4” January 22, 1987
    17.7” February 10-11, 1983
    6.1” December 12, 1982
    7.1” January 13-14, 1982
    13.0” March 1-2, 1980
    14.9” January 4-5, 1980

  13. CAC says:

    Please Jim, can you post another blog so you can erase the snow upstate NY received, I can’t stand coming back here seeing it.

  14. DAC71 says:

    Jim has no control over the weather guys…and being from Pittsburgh; I love snow yes I miss it and yes I get frustrated. The model you’re referring to is called the “GFS” Karen 😉 But close enough. Richmond is Richmond; we can’t do anything about that. We just need to accept the fact that we are not the snowiest part of the Mid-Atlantic. Any snow we do get is a great, refreshing sight, but that’s about all we can hope for (a surprise and out of the ordinary snow fall). We won’t be getting that this year, so let’s just enjoy Spring and Summer!

  15. T says:

    Richmond Season Snow Totals (RIC airport)
    ’05-’06: 8.5 in
    ’06-’07: 1.3 in
    ’07-’08: 0.8 in
    ’08-’09: 0.3 in so far

  16. Travis says:


    After watching you for 7 years since I moved to Richmond, I am convinced you enjoy the fact that we never get any snow. This isn’t New York. We could care less about the snow they get. Instead of you always being right that we’re not going to get any snow, why don’t you humor us and pretend that some is on the way. I’d rather you lie to us. Might as well state the obvious and tell us Colorado has snow too.

  17. harrison says:

    weather channel calling for a 50 precent chance of snow tonight?!?!?!?!?!

  18. Jeff J says:

    I agree with Karen. Richmond now pretty much has only three seasons so let’s get the extended fall over with and move on to spring. At least the theme parks will be open.

  19. CAC says:

    We don’t want to hear about snow in NY Jim, we want to hear about snow hear. And I agree that is teasing us. No offense though.

  20. Jeff says:

    Well, now you’re just teasing us.

  21. Karen says:

    NO offense but we are not in NY! We would like to have snow here and all we have gotten all winter is empty hopes. It will snow, it will not, looks like snow OH NO just rain. The GPS (whatever that is) looks promising. OH NO GPS changed patterns. Bring on with the Spring and let the winter go! I know you personally can not make it snow, but the empty hopes has become exhausting and I am not longer even looking at the weather to see what is MAYBE going to happen. If I get up and it is cold I put a jacket on. I always carry an umbrella. I am done!

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