Unrelenting cold blasts

This winter has featured an unrelenting series of arctic blasts, tempered by 2 or 3 days of warmer weather in between each cold wave.  All signs are pointing to this trend continuing through at least mid-March.

It is by sheer luck (good or bad depending on your point of view) that we have not received a significant snowstorm with this kind of general pattern.  As pointed out in this blog frequently before, many areas north of Virginia have had their snowiest winter in decades.

While prospects for a decent snow during the remainder of the winter don’t look good for us at all, I still wouldn’t bet against it given the pattern.  Best chances regionally, however, would be in the mountains this late in the game.

Meanwhile, keep the gloves and coats handy for many more shots of cold air before spring rolls around.

Posted by Jim Duncan


9 Responses to Unrelenting cold blasts

  1. Judy says:

    If I had to drive past the Great Big Greenhouse on my way to work everyday, I am afraid that I would never make it to work lol. I do love the snow but this is the time of the year that we all look forward to all things anew… myself included. I love the longer days.. it gives me more time to do my outdoors thing. I don’t mind a nice little thunderstorm here and there also but the wicked ones can just go away as far as I am concerned. As for snow in March, it would not surprise me.. old mother nature tends to do that to us… she giveth spring fever, then she taketh away.. just like she sets us up in the winter making us think that its going to snow every week. lol. This has been fun blogging with all of you this winter. Hopefully I won’t be complaining too much about the blistering heat and humidity all summer but, I am sure that I will. 🙂

  2. DAC71 says:

    I hate to say it; but I think we still have a chance for “some” snow into the first 10 days of March. I’m never one to speculate; or get optimistic about snow in Richmond…but it should be interesting to see what the first 10-15 days of March holds for us, or close to RIC.

    Otherwise, yes; we’re all ready for Spring! Myself included. The daffodils are coming up in our gardens as well, and trees are starting to bud slightly. The days are getting longer and we’re only a few weeks away from DST to get that extra hour of daylight! Spring is in the air I tell you!!!!!!!!! Then; we have what looks to be possibly a very hot summer (hotter than normal) for much of the mid-Atlantic and East Coast.

  3. SCS says:

    Bring on the THUNDERSTORMS! I know, I know… we don’t want costly damage to life or limb, but daggone it’s great to fall asleep to the far rumblings of thunder! A new job puts me driving past Great Big Greenhouse most every day! The temptation will prove to be difficult to pass on. My crocuses are about to burst, daffodils are coming up, and the forsythia are begging for just a few warm days!

  4. Judy says:

    In response to Mike : late March would be a good time to plant grass but cover it with some straw or something.. those spring birds will have a feast. I see that my Easter lilys are coming out of the ground.. they tend to get a little snow on them some each year before all is said and done. We shall see. I too love the snow but I don’t care for the very cold VERY dry air. I am ready to plant now. I will look forward to Looking for snow next year.. as usual. Now is the time to be thinking about getting that weather radio for the coming spring/summer thunderstorm season.

  5. Jeff says:

    I agree that these blogs are fun and I too am ready for warm temperatures. I love snow but I also love thunderstorms so there’s atill something to look foreward to, for me anyway. Thnks for the blogs Jim!

  6. Jim VB says:

    Looks like Punxsatawney Phil was right. Six more weeks of winter.

  7. Sarah says:

    I hate these cold days, it’s especially frusterating when they are in March–I guess once the time changes in my brain it’s time for warm weather 🙂 I hope Jim continues with the blogs, I’ve really enjoyed reading them as well as everyone’s comments. I look forward to the day when I can take all the winder coats to the dry cleaners to be cleaned and put away!!

  8. james says:


    If I remember correctly, you predicted this predominant weather pattern b/f the winter season and looks like it pretty much panned out that way – so kudos on that. I think now, especially as we head into March, we’ve given up on the snow and are ready to get rid of the cold temps and bring on the warm weather. Thanks for all your forecasts througout the years!!

  9. Mike says:

    Fine…..Bring on the warm air. Does anyone know the best time to plant some grass in my front yard? I have grass already but I need to fertilize and plant some extra grass. Obviously fall is the best but I missed out. I was thinking late March?

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