Weekend to bring huge changes

The classic pattern of sharp cold waves separated by big warm ups will hang tough through March.  Near-term, the upcoming weekend will bring a massive reversal to our late-February warm spell. 

The jet stream will again carve out a deep, cold Eastern U.S. trough, helping spawn new storm development just to our south Saturday.  That system will drive northward along the Virginia coast, tugging much colder air eastward, and assuring us of a cold and rainy start to the weekend.  There could even be some snow in the higher elevations from the far western Piedmont and across the Blue Ridge.

Cold weather will then carry us into the first few days of March.

Posted by Jim Duncan


5 Responses to Weekend to bring huge changes

  1. Jenn says:

    More information Ray!!! Please!!!

  2. Ray says:

    Don’t want to get anybody;s hopes up….but Monday could be quite wintry.

  3. Kristin says:

    Honestly I’m sick of the cold now. I know we aren’t going to get any snowfall out of it now, so I’m ready for the cold to retreat north and stay there. Bring on spring please, these up and down temperature changes are very annoying and they need to stop!

  4. james says:

    that’s o.k. the ‘light’s at the end of the tunnel’. just have to bear a few more weeks of winterlike temps, but we’ll be trending towards warmer temps soon – we do every year….

  5. Ray says:

    I heard Jim say the S word tonight!!! Lots of things need to happen….but there is a chance!!!

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