March roars, Part III

Storm on track as expected, but still potential complicating factors with respect to predicted snow totals.  Changeover time to all snow from west to east will be critical for initial burst of heavy precip. late Sunday evening.  Lull could develop wee hours of morning (after 1am), pointing to intensity questions for later night time period.

Note that this is not a classic long-duration snowstorm…that type needs high pressure near New England to help suppress storm velocity northward.  Arctic high in this case is more west, near upper Great Lakes, so coastal storm should move along quickly.

Also, our biggest snows tend to feature more of an east-northeasterly fetch off the Atlantic for at least half a day or longer.  This situation will bring more of a north, then northwesterly flow by early Monday,  which will help cut off appreciable moisture rapidly.

All this taken into consideration, still one of our more sizable potential snowstorms in a long time.  Best guess for totals for now is 4-6″, maybe a bit higher west of RIC.  I will post updates on the bottom of this blog post later today. 

Posted by Jim Duncan, 11:25am 3/1.

UPDATE, 4:33pm 3/1:  Everything pretty much falling into place as expected, except there has been earlier snow to west of RIC that is sticking already, so any grand totals will obviously be higher in those spots.   (Snowing now in the city too).

Rest of us still should see the rain/sleet mix turning to snow this evening.  Have nagging concern that after midnight, precip. intensity may decrease, but still comfortable with forecast.  Check out Sagay’s discussion on main forecast page for more info.  Jim


54 Responses to March roars, Part III

  1. smeckyb says:

    it is pretty windy here in colonial heights. the power is flickering. i hope it doesn’t go out! i just went outside with the ruler and measured 2 inches of snow on the front steps!! it was thundering earlier too. what’s up with that?

  2. Loving Richmond Mass Hysteria over SNOW, keep it up! says:

    Dear Yankee from Mich… WOW, you are showing your own sweet side. Scott was out of line, however… We don’t get snow often, it IS a big deal to us. Let us enjoy it, and have our little mass hysteria, if you don’t like it, move back to Michigan, btw no one said you HAD to move to “the mid-Atlantic” that was your decision. Leave us to enjoy the snow in our own way, whether it be the folks that run to the store in a panic, or those of us that just want to chill and watch it from the window. This is our little world, and our little snow storm and your rude comments are really unnecessary. You can’t poo on my snowday! WOOHOOOO!!!!

  3. Yankee from Michigan says:

    Scott – way to be a typical mid-atlantic-er. You can apologize after you get your bread, milk and eggs…and any other supplies.

  4. J-Reid says:

    3 inches of snow in martinsville, with snow redeveloping sometimes in heavy burts

  5. Tim says:

    Wow, Scott, that was mean. Is there any way to remove that post so kids don’t see it?

  6. sheila0326 says:

    Could someone please delete the filthy comment by SCOTT and IP ban him from this blog?

  7. Mrs. S says:

    Its really coming down in Southern Chesterfield near 288 & Rt 10. Everything is covered, folks out playing on 4-wheelers, etc! Nice to see it finally snow! Hope it snows knee-deep to a giraffe’s ……well, most of you know the answer to that one! Have a nice one!

  8. Purcell says:

    March 1 7:00 PM measyred 4.75 inches of snow in weatern Powhatan, ~1 mile north of Rt 60 on Trenholm Road. From 4:30- 6:30 it was snowing at least 0.75 – 1.0 inches per hour.

  9. Jeff J. says:

    The snow is so nice to see.

  10. Jack Frost says:

    BREAKING NEWS! This just in from the West End…all local grocery stores are out of bread and water. What do we eat next? The women and children?

  11. MARY says:

    To hell with global warming

  12. MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY! I am currently hunkered down in my sprawling West End estate, bravely riding out the fury of this ferocious blizzard as it pummels the region with a thick layer of white stuff! Milk and bread supplies are dangerously low…and with Ukrops closed, I may have to violate my probation and break into a nearby store. Desperate times call for desperate measures, my friends.

  13. Danielle says:

    Caroline County (Ladysmith) we have a good 3 inches of snow currently and it’s still coming down. Hope everyone enjoys there time at home enjoying this beautiful snow. It’s so relaxing and this is my son’s first snow storm he’s going to enjoy tommorrow.

  14. PH says:

    2+ on the grass, 1.5+ on the streets. Lines are long at Food Lion on Lauderdale and the bread and milk are going fast…That’s what’s up in Short Pump right now…

  15. Chris B says:

    Snow in Old Church, lots of flakes. Looking good.

  16. Joe says:

    Hey Jim : Down in King and Queen county it is really snowing Ground is covered . How much do you think we will get

  17. Charley M says:

    I just drove up to stafford around 3pm, and back down around 4pm. Right around Spotsylvania at about 4pm it was starting to stick to the shoulders of 95, and by the time I got back home here in Glen Allen (Right by VCC near the 95/295 interchange), the roads had about half an inch on them and were very very slippery. Still coming down very steady here and we’re flirting with the 1 inch mark. Hope it keeps coming down now that I’m home and inside!

  18. Gene says:

    I am in goochland and we have 3.5 inches on the ground. Great snow for forts and snowballs.

  19. Jim VB says:

    Henrico County reports 20 accidents at 17:31.

  20. Noe Noe Girl says:

    St Stephens Church, VA (K&Q county)ground covered in 30 minutes with happy little boy in the house! Snow coming down fast

  21. tyler says:

    In western henrico, nuckols road, cox road, and the glean allen area roads are a mess. almost certain school will be cancelled.

    It’s interesting though, only rain is shown on the radar…

  22. Ariel says:

    It’s coming down heavy in Lakeside. Took about 10 minutes and the ground is almost covered. Sleeted for a good 2 hours before, too.

  23. Praying for Snow says:


  24. Shawn says:

    In western Henrico it has been coming down very hard for a while. The road is almost completely covered. I don’t think we will have any school!!!!!!

  25. Jeff J says:

    Sleet in Sandston now. I see the hole Jim VB. Any chance that fills in?

  26. Praying for Snow says:

    NOOOO… How much snow is expected in Midlothian Robious Area??
    It was sleeting what happened????

  27. D. WIlder says:

    It is snowing in Richmond. Twilight zone stuff.

  28. Diane says:

    Snow in Amelia County….ground is covered!!!

  29. Jim VB says:

    Look at the radar. There is a dry slot, a hole, in the storm, in the Carolinas, that is getting bigger as the afternoon passes. At least this would say that we will get a lull tonight from 8pm to midnight, with rain before the lull and snow after it. But I am wondering if dry air is getting entrained into the storm weakening it considerably. Maybe we will get only an inch or two.

  30. Ben says:

    Snow in The Fan!

  31. T says:

    Starting to mix w/snow & sleet in the city

  32. T says:

    The infamous rain/snow line rears it head again…

  33. Rebekah says:

    All you guys in Chesterfield wheres the faith!?? We will get snow its coming! be patient!

  34. Ben says:

    Rain/Sleet mix in The Fan…

  35. PH says:

    Coming down heavy in Short Pump

  36. RH says:

    Rain in Hopewell…imagine that!!

  37. AM says:

    Rain in Chesterfield. Sleeted earlier, but changed back over…

  38. Whitney says:

    I’m in Western Hanover County about 5 minutes from both Goochland and Louisa, it’s been snowing for about 2 hours. Just went outside and measured it, got a little over 2″ right now and it’s still coming down steady. 🙂

  39. Jeff J says:

    Rain in Sandson.

  40. AJJ says:

    Just rain in Mechanicsville :o(

  41. jw says:

    not surprisingly, 36 degree rain in chesterfield…shocking.

  42. D says:

    As a native Western New Yorker, we would wear our pajamas inside out the night of a big snowstorm. Maybe if enough Richmonders do the same we might just see a New York size storm.

  43. harrison says:

    Rain in Sandston

  44. Karen says:

    We are in Chesterfield Matoaca area and it is doing nothing YET?!?

  45. T says:

    Just rain in the city where I’m located, had mix w/sleet at the onset.

  46. snowbyrd says:

    powhatan here…5 miles west of 288. It’s been coming down since about 1pm. Very Heavy at times. Most all surfaces are covered up with snow.


  47. marc says:

    Short Pump it has been snowing since one, radar still shows rain. The transfer of energy to the SC coast hasn’t started yet though. Looks like the first batch could be more snow then rain, but the 2nd batch could be outta here sooner then earlier though.

  48. April says:

    Western Powhatan is covered already!!

  49. J says:

    It’s snowing and sleeting in Glen Allen already!

  50. Kristin says:

    What worries me is every blog Jim posts is sounding less and less hopeful of a good snowstorm of old for the Richmond area. When he begins to sound pessimistic about snow, that makes me worry. Given the number of disappointments we have already had this season, I’m not feeling too optimistic at this point to see ANYTHING. But I can hope, just not feel very certain that we aren’t going to be disappointed yet again.

  51. cathy says:

    If we don’t get a snow day for the 3rd year in a row, I will just die. Not really, but as a Chesterfield County teacher, we all know that teachers love snow!!! I’m sending up a prayer and keeping my fingers crossed!

  52. April says:

    I Can only hope that we get a decent amount of snow, my children have never seen snow they can play in it would be great to have a day off from work and watch another big milestone in my childrens lives… Pray for snow!!!!!

  53. Shawn says:

    I hope that Henrico County schools are closed tomorrow. It would be very nice to not only see snow but to get out of school and be able to play in it. I havn’t had school off because of snow in over a year.

  54. Karen says:

    Part III ……..Three has always been my lucky number. Let it snow let is snow let it snow.

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