March roars, Part IV

Due to the huge number of hits and comments posted during this storm, I will keep this one blog post active at least into the morning.  Please, continue to share your comments and snow totals as the night goes on!

Update, midnight 3/2:  Round 2 on the way, but should be less intense than round 1 (some thundersnow reported).  Upper-level system will keep some generally lighter snow going overnight, adding some to the totals.   Windy and sharply colder too.  Jim


62 Responses to March roars, Part IV

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  3. MayMay says:

    P.S. I saw the ‘lightening’ too, but thought that it was a transformer blowing since my power went out shortly after. Did any of the weather reports actually mention that it was lightening?

  4. MayMay says:

    It was more than two years ago, I moved here in Jan’06 and I havent seen anything like this since I’ve been here. According to the news the last big snow fall in the Richmond area was in Dec’05.

  5. christine (another one) says:

    wasnt it two years ago???!!

  6. Heather says:

    Does any one know the last time we had this much snow in Richmond? We are having a family debate over it.

  7. Neve says:

    6″ in Ginter Park. Sending photo next…

  8. christine (another one) says:

    oh yea. when are the towing coming!!!!???
    ommigosh. i saw lighting yesterday too!. i asked my mum if she saw it [[we were outside]] and she said that i was seeing stuff. i turned around and looked elswhere then my sister squealed and said that she saw it too. my mum sat there dumbfounded. ehehe. she didnt believe us until it hit a THIRD time and she FINALLY saw it! lol.

  9. christine (another one) says:

    ommigosh. all this snow! its like its acumulated snow since its never really snowed THIS hard in a few years. it was cool and amazing and beautiful (everything) before but now im kinda getting worried. my dad is still at work [from last night] and the roads are to much for him to get home plus none of his other coworkers came b/c they were scared. [so he alone]. i pray to God that he’ll get home safely! but SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED!!!! thts one good thing that came out of this =]. yea! && the dude who thanked Jim for making it snow, are u serious?? no matter a fact u a kid??. (v.v) so so sad.

  10. Adam says:

    Crozier, in Goochland Co. about 9 inches and still coming down!!!! So much for trying to get on my flight or anywhere near the airport….

  11. Katherine says:


  12. pitts family says:

    same conditions down here in the cheap seats [oregon hill]8 inches and drifting while it is snowing sideways.

  13. The Kauders Family says:

    3/2, 5:50 am in the City (Windsor Farms), we have 8 inches and it’s still snowing. Thanks, Jim, for the blow-by-blow. Who knew a snowstorm could be so complex?

  14. chris says:

    it’s not lightning its transformers going boom

  15. Dana says:

    Did anyone see the green lightening? I live by Henrico Dr’s Hospital. Just saw it!

  16. Jason says:

    “Dear Jim,

    Thank you for making it snow in Richmond. Also, I want to thank you for closing all of the schools.

    You are a God.


    Native Richmonders”

    Are you kidding? It’s people like this who make people hate weathermen. Gosh!

  17. jkm says:

    Power out on my part of Cherokee rd. could do without that, but it sure is peaceful out there.

  18. Reminds me of the snows we have had in Va. long ago (before global warming kicked in?). Moved here in 1981 from San Diego, and had, as I recall, about 13″ in March. Jim, you came to give a presentation to my middle school Earth Science class and made my giddy with meteorology fever.

  19. Mikey A says:

    out here in Farmville there are trees down, and about 6-7 inches of snow at 11 PM

  20. Kathryn Rice says:

    Reporting 6 inches of snow in Powhatan, VA!

  21. Jeff B says:

    Amazeing late season snowstorm the wetness of the snow and the winds have caused me to lose power for 2 hours there is a large accumulation on the trees so power loss may hit some of you from time to time. Wet snow like this can cause tree damage similar to freezing rain

  22. FLResident says:

    55 and cloudy here in Tampa! Oh…wait….now I’m kind of homesick! Oh well…enjoy, Richmond!

  23. Clay M. says:

    The lower end of King William has lost some power. A few trees have fallen too. I have also seen quite a bit of the lightning as well. Thank you Jim for keeping my family and I posted on the storm, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted with the things going on here in lower King William.

  24. Christine says:

    WOOOOO!! Six inches of snow and more coming down near the Powhite/Midlo Tpke! Tree limbs are starting to break and fall in my neighborhood. Roads were absolutely horrible between 5pm and 9pm, and I am sure they aren’t any better now. Didn’t see any VDOT trucks plowing or salting, but I am totally jazzed about the snow! FINALLY!!!
    –a former Rochester, NY resident

  25. Elisabeth K says:

    Yes, Bob, I saw the lightning too! Over near Willow Lawn.

  26. Elisabeth K says:

    Looks great! Windy though. I’d love to step outside and see the snow close up but I’m a bit nervous about taking the elevator down those 10 floors (and too tired for hiking down and back up) — what if the electricity goes out! Lights have been flickering a bit on and off. So I guess I’ll stay where I am and wait till morning 😉

  27. Bob says:

    It’s it lightning in Richmond?? I’m pretty sure I saw lightning.

  28. RJ says:

    Already 5.5-6 in midlothian!

  29. Jonathan says:

    3.5 inches in Providence Forge now.

  30. NOMO WIND says:

    The wind is not my friend. The snow is fine, but this wind in Glen Allen could stop at anytime, I’m over it.

  31. Jeff J. says:

    Over 6 inches in Sandston now. That last squall dumped a lot in a short time.

  32. Cary Mahoney says:

    Mighty Dyckerson, are you from SHORT Pump?

  33. JT says:

    Hey Steve. Wendy’s is closed but it will be open tomorra around noon. Just take your lunch then come to my office.

  34. Steven S. Smitherman says:

    I just ate a snowman and I’m still hungry. Does anybody know if Wendy’s is still open?

  35. Matt Penders says:

    Dear Jim,

    I KNEW it! I knew we were going to get snow! This is why I love Richmond, the BEST city EVER!

    With all my love.

  36. Nancy says:

    Sitting in the airport in Atlanta trying to get to Richmond. Flight delayed until midnight .. should be there by 1:30a. Think I’ll be okay on the roads for the drive south on 295/95 ro Emporia?? We do love our road crews.

  37. Yankee from Michigan says:

    Dear Jim,

    Thank you for making it snow in Richmond. Also, I want to thank you for closing all of the schools.

    You are a God.


    Native Richmonders

  38. h says:

    Trees are covered, streets are covered.
    9:20 pm and Forest Hill Avenue is peaceful and fairly inactive. The wind is knocking large clumps of snow on the roof of the house from the trees, which is a little jarring at times.
    WInd is picking up and the snow is still coming down consistently. We haven’t properly measured, but it looks like at least four inches if not more. It’s INCREDIBLE snowball quality!
    Another peak out the window into the street light glow and it’s not letting up. The streets have deep tracks made by the witless and desperate. I think I might just wake up soon to tell my family that I just had the strangest dream.

  39. Torie says:

    Already 2 inches in Colonial Heights. Roads are covered and slick.

  40. Cody says:

    9pm Bon Air area of Richmond – 5 inches of snow on the cars, 2-3 inces on paved surfaces. Stilling coming down at a decent rate. Radar shows that the snow will stop within the next hour in Richmond, but more moisture is still over SC and GA…that should make it here to central VA in the early morning hours. The Weather Channel is forecasting 6-10 inches by mid-day Monday, that seems very likely.

  41. dave says:

    4 inches and snowing like mad in Bon Air in Chesterfield County. Bring it on….FINALLY it’s happening. woo hoo!!!!

  42. Jonathan says:

    1.5 inches in Providence Forge.

  43. Whitney says:

    4 1/2 Inches in Western Hanover County and still coming down steady!

  44. Jamie says:

    In Midlothian off of Robious, more than 4 inches already! And it doesn’t look like it’s letting up just yet…

  45. Lisa Lockhart says:

    4 inches in beautiful Manakin Sabot! Rock On Jim!

  46. Crystal says:

    Anyone know the email address I csn send snow pictures to

  47. Nathaniel says:

    when will this snow taper off..there seems to be a lull coming up…

  48. Crystal says:

    I am in King William and I’d say we have about 1-2 inches and it’s STILL snowing !!!!!! Wooo Hoooo !!!!!

  49. tyler says:

    HENRICO CO. PUBLIC SCHOOLS CLOSED tommorow!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Brian Shaw says:

    Yes, snow in Richmond. Keep up posted on whats going on.

  51. Karen says:

    Here in Matoaca we are seeing 2 inches and still snowing WOO HOO I have to go find that sled

  52. filip says:

    theres about 3-4 inches in woodlake already!

  53. Joe says:

    Jim : Thanks for the updates ::: It means a lot Abot 2 inches on the ground in Kimg And Queen and still coming

  54. tyler says:

    3 inches in henrico. the winter storm warning hasnt even taken effect! thanks JIM!

  55. April says:

    Wooo hooo we have about an inch in Colonial Heights for people havin to drive its on the roads becareful. As for me i will be happy watching the snow fall….. Yea for snow.

  56. Flyin11 says:

    It’s nice but I want Spring weather!! Give me the 70’s anyday…Booo on snow!!

  57. Jeff J says:

    It’s snowing like crazy by the airport. It’s beautiful! Thanks for the updates Jim.

  58. heather says:

    As of now my part of Powhatan is seeing a good 6 inches and it’s not even 7 pm yet.

  59. Maryann says:

    Thanks Jim! Down here in Sussex and we just started to get a mix!

  60. Fran says:

    Thank you, Jim. For snow-obsessed teachers like me, this is great!

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