March Storm Monday AM Report

Posted By Andrew Freiden

**send snow photos to**

**12:00 noon update**  this storm won’t let go… light snow possible for an other hour or two…

  Thanks for the great comments/reports.  Tom and I have been here since the very early morning, watching part 2 of this storm.  After a WET, sticky snow (responsible for all the power outages) we transitioned to a very dry snow.  Dewpoints are plummeting– likely into the single digits by this afternoon.  That means snow will be blowing around through the day. 

Next Big Story:  COLD.  We’re thinking 11 or so at the airport tonight.  Roads will be very icy tomorrow morning.  It’ll be tough for homes without power/heat in this kind of cold.

Just for fun:  could hit 70 this weekend!


48 Responses to March Storm Monday AM Report

  1. MayMay says:

    Anyone in the West End having power outage issues?

  2. CNC says:

    Thank goodness I still have power, but even if I didn’t it would be worth it. How often do you get to see snow like this around here? I’m glad to see people are having fun today!

  3. Tierre (TY-ree) says:

    6-7 inches of snow in Petersburg.

  4. dave says:

    8-10 inches of snow in Bon Air. What a beautiful sight. finally it happened! It had been too long. Now once this melts, I can say I’m ready for spring b/c I got my one big snow! Richmond is back!

  5. Nicole says:

    Any good places near raintree to sled??

  6. Summer says:

    Uh Sam I haven’t measured in snow drifts I actually measuring several places in my front yard all between 12 and 13 inches, plus I measured the snow on my picnic table in my backyard and that was 12.5 inches, so maybe you have it wrong and your mad because you haven’t gotten much snow at all! That’s what it sounds like to me!

  7. Curious says:

    Anyone know how much DeWitt in Dinwiddie County got???

  8. MayMay says:

    I agree with Sara….I’m in the West End too and when I measured the snowfall I stood in various sections of both my front and backyards….. it ranged btwn 9.75 to 10″. The snow drifts were easily over a foot.

    I say just enjoy it while it lasts! Its not like this happens all (or every) Winter….besides complaining about the snow will not make it melt any faster! LOL….

  9. Jeff J. says:

    We waited a long time for the snow but it was definitely worth it. Here’s some pics of the snow.

  10. David says:

    Multiple measurements in front yard and back averaged to about 9.75 inches near Skipwith and Anoka in the west end.

  11. Sara says:

    Actually Sam, having taken multiple readings in the yard the lowest point of my West End location is 10 inches. Snow drifts in the area have been a foot and a half to two feet.

  12. Sam says:

    I think people need to stop measuring in snow drifts. Doesn’t 11, 12, 13 inches of snow seem a bit high for this storm???

  13. Chester Lady says:

    It is so nice to see a nice snowfall for a change. The sight of the children playing in it for the first time is great! They are having such a great time.

  14. WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END??! I’ve been barricaded in my snow bunker for over 16 hours now. Milk and bread supplies have vanished. I AM DECLARING MARSHAL LAW!!!

  15. MayMay says:

    I am originally from Rye Brook, NY (Westchester County) and I have been living here in Glen Allen for 2 years now. This is the first time it has snowed like this since I’ve been here and I am thrilled!!!! This could not have come at a better time….I have been terribly homesick, so even though we’re having intermitent power outages it’s been fun! No work and plenty of munchies in the fridge!!!! ;o)

    Location: Mountain Rd & Staples Mill (next to the Glen Allen Library)
    Snowfall: 10″ and counting

  16. Gretchen says:

    It is snowing again in the far west end, near short pump. Light but steady.

  17. Ellen D. says:

    Hi there snow fans–we are west of Short Pump–near Tuckahoe Creek border with Goochland. 7.5 inches on our deck table this morning. Knee-deep drifts in our meadow area near the creek, in our backyard, and also at the bottom of our sledding hill at Nuckols Farm Elementary! Enjoy!

  18. susan lloyd says:

    11 inches in powhatan

  19. aaron says:

    Excuse me- But I am a college eductaed, succesful business owner here in Richmond. I simply don’t appreciatte or have patience for those that move into this area and then complain!

  20. Fred says:

    aaron sounds like the 4×4 idiot that crashed into the guard rail this monrning in front of me…S L O W down folks. It takes time. MOre drifting in Ashland

  21. Maryann says:

    Only 2″ here in Sussex County (but we’ll take it!), near the Courthouse area, but a fine layer of ice underneath it. The wind is keeping the flag across the street flying straight.

    VDOT doesn’t have things as clear as they normally do. I’m wondering if the two false alarms ate into their supply of salt. Normally, the road I live on would have been salted/sanded as soon as the snow started to fall, but no trucks have been by.

  22. Sarah N says:

    11 inches near Parham and Patterson! Kids love it, dogs love it and so does mom, the teacher!

  23. Jer says:

    Still a few flurries & cloud cover here in Chester. Haven’t seen this much snow since I lived in Germany in 2004. Love it! Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date on the movement of the monster storm.

  24. Diana says:

    Hey guys! Here in Brandermill we got about 6 inches and it took my husband 20 minutes just to clean off his car. Fortunately, it turns out that neither of us are going out to work today. Some branches fell off our trees during the night and the wind is still gusting pretty strong around here. The sun is peeking through the clouds periodically and it is VERY cold. The roads are not plowed yet so it will be a while before we get out. It is certainly beautiful to look at, though! Thanks for the great reporting.

  25. Rod Seaman says:

    9:25 Am. Waqlnut Hill, Petersburg. Sorry guys but it isn’t clearing here. still some snow falling. Looked like it wass going to clear about 1 hr ago – large blue sky patch from my South facing window but it has been cloudy since. Actually looks like the clouds are getting heavier & darker. Again that same south facing window.

  26. In the woods in Western Hanover: The trees are beginning to snap. One took out two sections of the back fence.

  27. Terri says:

    7.5 inches of tightly packed snow in Doswell near Kings Dominion and it’s still snowing (very fine and dry) Lots of ice and slush on the trees and under the snow.

  28. Tom Jacjson says:

    My family and I have lived in Midlothian for 5 years now, moving from Cleveland, to get a way from the snow. All I can say is VDOT seems unprepared. The key to drving in the snow is to drive slow, give space and salt/plowing. I saw now VDOT trucks on any roads from Woodlake to Richmond. If you leave an hour or so early, you should be OK. But you have to salt now, before it gets below 12 degrees. The salt stops working at 12. In Cleveland, they put down brine (salt-chemical mixture) at 30 to 20degrees, then straight salt. BUt it seems like the VDOT did not run plows at all ealiy enough. Maybe next time–Tom Jackson

  29. Jay Albus says:

    The town of Bon Air, Rattlesnake rd. area 12″

  30. Summer says:

    You don’t normally here about around here as we are a little town but in Crewe, Va we have 13 inches on the ground and it’s still snowing here, plus we have over 2 ft snow drifts!

  31. Jonah says:

    Over 150 photos of Richmond snow of Flickr. Go to Flickr and tag photos RVAsnow — or click here for details:

  32. David says:

    Some fun photos off Robious Road in Chesterfield near Huguenot Park:

  33. Neve says:

    6″ in Ginter Park. Please post link where we can send our pics – thanks!

  34. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for your updates. We wake up to and rely on Channel 12 every morning. We measured 7.5 inches on our deck in the Far West End (Short Pump) and we’re still experiencing a light mist of snow.

  35. Emma says:

    Its still snowing too!

  36. ryan says:

    11 inches west end 24 inch drifts awesome i love snow

  37. Emma says:

    in mechanicsville we have about 10 inches.

  38. Gina says:


  39. Kerstan McGrath says:

    Thanks for your prediction on school closing until at least Wednesday! That is my prediction/wish as well! I am a first grade teacher in Henrico, at home with my two boys! Yes, I am just as excited as they are! NO SCHOOL!

  40. Clint says:

    As of 745 this morning I have 8 inches off of my deck off of Glenside Drive.

  41. Sean says:

    it’s about 9-10 inches in the West End off hungary road

  42. David says:

    10 inches and counting in neighborhood off Robious. anybody want to go for a run??

  43. Casey S. says:

    Any chance of another snow day for the schools tomorrow?

    And where can we send our snow pics? =)

  44. Mark R says:

    5.5 in windsor farms

  45. Rachel says:

    Bon Air off Robious Road… 11 inches!

  46. Sara says:

    Just to update, the near West End (West End Manor) has about 8 inches as of 6:45 this morning and it’s still coming down like nobody’s business!

  47. Small Town says:

    Any word on King William??? It is still snowing Hard here, looks like at least 12-14″ We never see ourselves in the reports (we are small) but would like to know???

  48. Rick says:

    About 10 inches in Brandermill. On the other hand, “Out like a lamb!”

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