Winter almost over

The weather patterns for these final couple of weeks of winter continue to baffle, with wavering signals that we still will squeek out at least a couple more shots of modified arctic air over the East.  Sitting in the midst of our longest first real stretch of spring-like temperatures, I would guess that most folks are just about through with winter.

My previous blog post discussed the potential for more tastes of winter precip. before all is done, and I still wouldn’t bet against it, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that this winter season’s days are numbered. (pardon the cliche).

Posted by Jim Duncan


3 Responses to Winter almost over

  1. Flyin11 says:

    Bring it on!! It’s time for the everyone and the kids to get outside doing things!! It’s time for warmer weather and out door activities! It’s pretty depressing to sit inside and look out the window at clouds and cold temperatures all the time…even when it’s sunny, it’s cold and too cold to go out and do anything. It’s time for Spring to come back and bring everyone some seasonal cheer and take away some of this seasonal depression!!

  2. Kristin says:

    Looking at the 7 day map last night, I told my husband those numbers looked more like the night’s lottery numbers than the week’s predicted temps!

  3. SCS says:

    Of course it baffles us! 7 days ago I was wearing 4 layers of clothes outside so I could knock snow off of young trees and shrubs and today I’m washing dirt and mulch off of shorts and t-shirts! Ya gotta love March! Watching the temps go up and down is way better than watching the stock martket just go DOWN!

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