Winter’s return

Just when you thought spring might be here to stay, winter will reappear for a short time, even though it will be in a tamed-down version.

Cold high pressure is making another drive south, with very chilly air expected from Friday into the weekend.  At the same time, moisture running across the Mid-South will spread periodic shots of precipitation, the first of which will be Friday.  Temperatures over some parts of Virginia will be cold enough for snow mixed with the rain, with a long-shot possibility that central VA could also see brief mix.

Thereafter, at least into early next week,  just look for some typical late-winter gloom, with sunshine hard to find, and temperatures slow to warm.

Posted by Jim Duncan


3 Responses to Winter’s return

  1. Sarah says:

    Snow or Spring would be fine with me, but not a cold dreary rain

  2. Shawn says:

    No, not spring!! Bring on the winter. I want more snow!!! I don’t care if it comes on Easter.

  3. Melissa says:

    Bring on the Spring to stay, PLEASE!!!! Ready for Rivah Weather!

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