Tornado Preparedness Day

The weather lately has been as un-severe as it gets, with steady stratiform rain all weekend long and virtually no chance at big thunderstorms.  But that’ll certainly change this month or next.

Statewide Tornado Drills will take place on TUESDAY at 9:45am.  It’s Tornado Preparedness Day.

Schools and some businesses will take part.  Now is a good time to think about your emergency kit at home.  Most of us suffer from “It won’t happen to me” syndrome and procrastinate when it comes time to put together a kit.  If inspiration strikes this year, Check out for advice on what you need to be ready.

Posted By Andrew Freiden


14 Responses to Tornado Preparedness Day

  1. Jared says:

    I believe Mighty Dyk…he explained stratiform in so fewer words.

  2. Jeff B says:

    I took Meteorology in college and I can tell you that stratiform is a weather term in fact its one of the more basic weather terms that was covered in the first week or two of an entire meteorology program. The exact opposite of stratiform rain would be convective rain or thunderstorms. Basically any storm that brings us a steady rain is a stratiform event these events are most common is the late fall winter and early spring when coastal systems bring a large shield of rain up the coast or when a warm front becomes stuck just to our south and overrunning rains sometimes can last for days like the weekend of the 14\15th. Tornadoes are rare here in central Va, but other severe weather events like damageing straight line winds from thunderstorms and hurricanes and some winter hazards like ice storms are more common so a storm kit is a good idea. You should include things like canned food, bottled water and candles\flashlights. A camping stove like a colman propane stove is also a good idea if your home has an electric stove that way you can still cook some meals and also can heat water for tea or coffee.

  3. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    Mighty Dyckerson tries to be witty but isn’t

  4. Harrison – Mighty Dyckerson is everyone…and Mighty Dyckerson is no one. Mighty Dyckerson is a philosopher, an educator, an inspiration to many, and a guiding light that shines upon the green chroma key wall of life.

  5. Jeff J. says:

    Bring on the thunderstorms!

  6. SCS says:

    WHERE IS THE HEAT?! Maybe this is over reaction to a cold, soggy, sunless few days, but I was promised sun and warmth! I’m sick of having to wear anything more than 1 layer of clothing. I’m in need of 80-85 degrees without any hint of coolness in the air. Of course, I’m the type that feels “cool/cold” on a sunny 70 degree day. HEAT-I NEED HEAT! July will be here soon.

  7. dorothyandtoto says:

    Participated in a tornado drill at work. While we might have flashbacks to elementary school and mandated fire drills, it does give us the opportunity to prepare for the “what if?” Glad to report, all employees made it to our “safe place” in the building! And there wasn’t too much grumbling.

  8. harrison says:

    who is this Mighty Dyckerson? We don’t need him cussing on a weather blog, and calling mother nature a whore!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the link on the kit! Happy St. Patricks Day!!

  10. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    Well even though this “stratiform” nonsense is clearly made up, I for one am psyched about this afternoon’s upcoming special, Dancing with the NBC12 Weather Stars. In fact, I predict a spike in water usage at around 4:59pm, as viewers will all be rushing to the bathroom after holding it in for the entire show.

  11. aha. says:

    Having extensive horizontal development, as opposed to the more vertical development characteristic of convection. Stratiform clouds cover large areas but show relatively little vertical development. Stratiform precipitation, in general, is relatively continuous and uniform in intensity (i.e., steady rain versus rain showers).”

    sometimes, you have to search for things yourself.

  12. “The word requested to search on was not recognized. Please try again.”

    –See, I knew you made it up!!

  13. afreiden says:

    I wish I made it up– check out the definition I added to the post.

  14. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    What the hell is stratiform rain??! You just made that up.

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