Cold start to spring

True to the weather patterns we’ve experienced all winter, more cold air has spread over the area since the weekend, with cold mornings and cool days, despite the sunshine.

One truism about Virginia’s season changes I’ve noticed over the years is this;  there are two ways that it occurs, (1) we stay relatively cool right into May, then boom, it gets hot and stays hot, or (2) it gets quite warm early in the spring, with lots of thunderstorms right through the entire season, with numersous severe storm outbreaks.

My guess is that this year is #1… cool overall, then suddenly hot. 

Posted by Jim Duncan


2 Responses to Cold start to spring

  1. Jim VB says:

    Mighty, if that’s the case, we need a bailout. It’s been too cold this spring. Something like 450 degrees F would be good – it will make our temperatures 5 degrees higher every day for 90 days.

  2. The government has been controlling the weather since the late 1960’s. The facts cannot be denied.

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