Fireball in the Night Sky Over Virginia Beach *UPDATED*

*ANOTHER UPDATE* My original monday morning guess appears to have been right after all!  Now, the experts are saying the Russian Soyuz Rocket did NOT cause Sunday night’s fireball.  They are saying it was probably a good old-fashioned meteor.

*UPDATE*  The verdict is now in!  Looks like the Russians are responsible for this excitement. 

Check out the latest from here

Here’s my post from Monday Morning, with an update to make times more clear: 

This appears to be mainly an Eastern VA, MD, and NC phenomena but reports started come in fast and furious to the NWS office in Wakefield last night Sunday night around 9:45pm.  Witnesses reported seeing a bright flash in the sky and a loud boom like a sonic boom or earthquake seconds after seeing the bright light. 

At first inspection of reports,  I think a good guess would be a large meteor that exploded before impact with the earth.   Most of the time meteors burn out without any sound.  But some large meteors can get heated to such a degree that they literally explode, sometimes causing a huge noise. 

The National Weather Service is NOT investigating this.  They did take many phone calls though.  Unless some security camera footage in the Tidewater area shows something, this may go down as one big mystery! 

Did you see this?   Feel free to comment!


36 Responses to Fireball in the Night Sky Over Virginia Beach *UPDATED*

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  8. harrison says:

    It really doesn’t matter to me, as long as we have a weather blog, and we can read the text on it!

  9. Sarah says:

    I like the other style better, maybe take out the black background, but still use the old format? Just a thought 🙂
    Thanks for listening!!

  10. harrison says:

    I like the black background a whole lot better than this. I think the black background was easer to read.

  11. afreiden says:

    Sarah: We just made a change this morning to try to make it look cleaner and easier to read. Do you think we should go back? Anyone else have any thoughts. In the Weather Office the black background was tough on the eyes.

  12. Sarah says:

    Does the blog look differnt to anyone else? I don’t like this format–

  13. wilson says:

    probably a north korean nuclear dud.

  14. lil hott says:

    ive just been informed that there was something mysterous about the sky last night wat it appears to be was space junk some people think it was aliens ok people lets not go outta the way here no alies and stuff like that some calm down and continue to live …….

  15. Jason says:

    I and 3 others were driving home (back to Blackstone, Va) from Martinsville VA, we were in the Danville area when we saw it fall. I remember exactly what it looked like. To me it streaked across the sky with brightly burning colors and I thought it was relatively close. We were topping a tall hill and had a great view of the horizon straight ahead. It fell straight down the road in front of us. Just before it reached the horizon it slowed down and dimmed out. It went out like a falling ember or ash from a campfire. It sort of just burned out. I didn’t see any flash of light or explosion at the end of its flight. I believe the explosion occurred higher in the atmosphere and that the object (meteor or Russian rocket) reached the ground in one piece. I never saw it explode or shatter into any additional pieces. It just simply burned out before it reached the horizon. I have seen many falling stars but none that came down this close and none that fell so near the horizon. But I would call it a meteor until proven otherwise. I say this because I feel what I saw fell to the ground somewhere in eastern VA and should be found to determine what it was rather than speculate it to be a rocket.

  16. gardner says:

    o yeah and i forgot that a couple of seconds later i didnt feel the ground shake but some tin shetters did rattle and i thought it was jus the wind

  17. gardner says:

    i live on the eastern shore ov va near the maryland state line and i saw this ball of fire. thats how i like to describe it. i was sitting outside waiting for my girlfriend to get off work it was close to ten and then all of a sudden her son pointed to the sky and it was just as plain as day. i had no idea what it was because i have never seeen anything like it before. and appeared to be so close i told her son it probally landed in the woods but as i see from other reports and the news everyone saw it this close i guess.

  18. Jonathan says:

    Frost in Providence Forge this morning.

  19. lisa says:

    My Brother lives in Norfolk and he said he felt his house shake ,saw the flash and heard the boom, I live in WV and apparently the media doesn’t think any one would be interested in huge mysterious
    exlosions and large fire balls in the sky I have heard nothing of this from my local paper or tv news It reminds me of the big fire ball back a couple of months ago in Texas. wondering still what that was hmmmmmmm who knows if we all start getting sick or melting down them maybe they will figure out what they were.

  20. Robb says:

    I too was glad to not have halucinated last night when passing the Rockville/Manakin exit on 64 E when my attention was abrubtly captured by what I initially thought to be by far the biggest brightest and most awesome meteor I have ever seen. As this thing came streaking out of the sky it was blasting out a bright green color and looked like it was gonna impact right down the road. For a brief second I was bracing for impact and thought myself and everything around there was toast. Probably too much science channel, non-the-less one of the craziest things i’ve ever seen.

  21. Kristin says:

    The have confirmed that it was a space junk returning to Earth from the recently launched Russian Space Rocket, taking a new crew to the International Space Station. According to reports, the second stage of the falling rockets would be returning to Earth’s lower atmosphere beginning at 8pm Sunday night and probably fell in the area over VA Beach/Norfolk. See the story link:

  22. Last night I saw a disc-shaped object fly past my sprawling estate in Creigton Court. It may have been a stray bullet, but my instincts tell me it was an alien spacecraft filled with tiny green men.

  23. Bonnie says:

    I live on Studley Road, Mechanicsville, VA. I did not see the fireball in the sky but at 9:45 p.m. I watched something burning fall to the ground in a field in front of my home. This morning after hearing the news I checked where it looked like it landed. I found a fresh hole but nothing else.

  24. Bobby Stanley says:

    I live in Chesapeak near the NC border. Around 8:00 pm last night I heard a very loud house rattling BOOM! I ran outside to put some things away, anticipating an incoming storm. Much to my surprise, the stars were out. Then late last night, midnight or later, my dog’s started barking. I went out and though I saw a green flash on the ground in the shape a small person. Although it scared me, I went to sleep.. This morning, my dogs started speaking in a strange, unknow language and ate all of my reeses peices. I think there’s something to this…..

  25. josh cundiff says:

    i did see this falling object as it fell it first looked like a falling star then it began the throw sparks as it came to tree line and turned a bright green i was in powhatan and it looked like it was about 200 yards away it was the coolest thing i have seen in a while

  26. mrs.izzy says:

    I am so glad to find that I am not going crazy. I was driving north on I-85 just barely north of the VA-NC state line when I saw this. I saw flash of light behind some clouds thinking that there may be a storm up north and then I saw the fireball going straight down. I didn”t hear an explosion though since I was driving and probably too far away.

  27. Angela says:

    I live in Shreveport, LA and yesterday evening just before 7pm CST I saw a very faint yet distinct dark streak in the East NE sky. It was perfectly straight and almost seemed to funnel (at first glimpse I thought of a tornado, but it was to perfect and endless) down to the horizon. I was in my car and couldn’t see where it started, though. My eyes followed it up as far as I could see through my window, but when I looked in the other direction the sun’s light kept me from being able to see anything to the west. I was even able to get 2 pretty clear pictures of it with my cell phone. A meteorologist friend of mine suggested reading this article thinking it may have been related to this, but I’m not sure. If anybody has any idea what this shadow-like anomoly may have been, please comment. I can send the pictures to you if you think you might know what this could have been.

  28. Poop.. it was a bunch of crap that fell from the sky.

  29. Diane Keenan says:

    A couple of years back, my daughter saw one of these things on the way home late at night driving on Robious Road. We realized nobody else was watching.We found an international site recording sights in the sky. She was able to figure oout it was a meteor from a picture taken in Australia. I don’t remember the site’s name, but you can also find video on youtube to help you confirm what you saw.

  30. Marci L. says:

    I watched it streak through the sky while driving on Route 5 in Varina last night. One of the most spectacular things i have ever witnessed. Bright greenish blue light with a huge orange/red tail trailing behind. I too almost expected to feel the ground rumble as it fell from view.

  31. afreiden says:

    I doubt it. If it were THAT explosive there probably would have been some sort of tsunami… But the same deal, just smaller and over water. Again– this is just me speculating!

  32. Jeff J. says:

    Could it be another Tunguska incident? At least it apparently went into the ocean and didn’t damage anything.

  33. afreiden says:

    I bet it exploded or crashed into the ocean, since most of the reports are from Eastern VA. And if there was an impact on land, SOMEONE would have found it already!

  34. harrison says:

    I wonder if it did hit the earth? There hasn’t been any reports have there?????

  35. SCS says:

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling! HAHA! If it were a meteor of any decent size, wouldn’t NASA, the military guys in Norfolk/Langley, or astronomers have seen it? I would think that it was a meteor. But, what do I know?!

    • afreiden says:

      There’s no state agency that has been tasked to track meteors/fireballs…. so when big ones like this happen (If it WAS a meteor) It tends to be some kind of eyewitness report or video that confirms it…. we’ll see what comes out!

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