Monday night, wintry blast

Ok folks, I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but it looks like winter will be making a last gasp here after a strong cold front blows through Monday (April 6).

While the BIG drop in temperatures will be the primary result, I’m not advertising this, but there could even be a flake or two of snow Monday night or early Tuesday morning.  There could certainly be a brush with sub-freezing temperatures by Tuesday night (average last frost date for RIC is around mid-April).

Posted by Jim Duncan


14 Responses to Monday night, wintry blast

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  4. I will be selling weather radios out of the back of my van on the corner of Belvidere & Broad. Cash only!!

  5. Jean says:

    Jim, I have watched you for YEARS and I love the fact that you like WEATHER. One of your co-workers referred to “pesky rain” and I say, “bring on the rain, sleet, snow, wind and clouds”. Nice weather is ok but BORING after awhile! Give me weather in all its forms! Thank for being you!

  6. Sarah says:

    It figures when the kids are home for Spring Break it gets cold again 😦 I’m ready to have a few more days like this past weekend, that was PERFECT weather if you ask me 🙂

  7. Wayne says:

    Jim, I see rain on the board for Friday. I’m getting married, outside this day. How strong are the chances for rain this day. Really? I ask because I know these fronts tend to blow in a day late or a day early all the time.

    Help me out here!

  8. nbc12weather says:

    Weather radios have sold quickly, so are being restocked this week in area Krogers. All stores should have them when the new shipments arrive soon.
    Jim Duncan

  9. WONDERER says:


  10. Janet says:

    ok so I went to Kroger today to get one of the weather radios and they had no idea what I was talking about….are they not supposed to be in all Kroger stores in Metro Richmond?

  11. nbc12weather says:

    I wouldn’t be too worried about the snow flakes…looks very iffy anyway, but certainly turing much colder Monday night. Thanks for coming out to Kroger today for the NOAA weather radio event!
    Jim Duncan

  12. Pat Knab says:

    Hi Jim!

    We met you at Kroger this morning. We were the couple from Buffalo, NY & was happy we weren’t getting any of that snow that Buffalo was getting again!

    Say it isn’t true! Why didn’t you tell us that it was going to snow again & it’s APRIL!! I am beginning to feel like we ARE back in Buffalo 😦

  13. SCS says:

    Fine-let’s get it over with! I didn’t like the long, cold spring prediction! Is Mighty Dyckerson on the company payroll? Hmmmm, I wonder.

  14. How exciting! I’ll be listening intently for updates on my brand new NBC12 weather radio!

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