Build A Rain Barrel!

Tune in to our 5pm newscast this evening (Tuesday) and you’ll see my story about a rain barrel workshop in Chesterfield county.  Rain Barrels are a great way to get free water for your plants and to cut down on stormwater runoff.  That runoff is a major contributor to poor water quality in rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.  The more water you can keep and use on your property, the better for everyone involved.  Several area groups hold workshops:

The workshops tend to fill up fast.  You might have to try it yourself.  Here are great instructions from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation


7 Responses to Build A Rain Barrel!

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  2. Jenn Sale says:

    The closest I can find in a coke plant in MD. They are food grade and $5 each, (unless I have old info). Some other suggestions I have found are food processsing plants and resturants, although I have had no luck. Directions I have found online have been straightforward, all other materials should be at Lowe’s. I just can’t find the barrels at a reasonable price!!

  3. afreiden says:


    Finding a suitable barrel is the hard part! There’s a much higher demand for barrels than supply can keep up with. I’d head over to Maymont’s website and sign up for their rain barrel workshop on April 26th. It’s $59 and it’s presented by “Clean Virginia Waterways.” That’s Katie’s organization that she wrote about at the top of this comment list. Here’s a link:
    Also, maybe Bill Manns can help. Bill: Where did you get your barrels? And I’d love to see pictures. Your setup sounds like a potential story on NBC12 in the future.

    -Andrew Freiden.

  4. Bill Manns says:

    I’ve been using rain barrels with home gardening for 30 years. At my new home in Sandston, I have 3 barrels interconnected for collecting and with soaker hoses for watering my garden. They were all emptied when I watered newly planted trees the other day. Now they are full again after today’s rain. I may add two more barrels. I may add a solar powered pump to water shrubs that are at a higher elevation. I’ve also been researching harvesting rainwater for home use.

  5. Jenn M. says:

    We are looking into the supplies to make a rain barrel for our garden. Where is the best place to get the barrel

  6. afreiden says:

    Thanks for the link, Katie! I’m guessing these will fill up quickly. The demand for workshops is greatly outpacing demand. The more barrels out there, the better water quality gets.

  7. Six other Rain Barrel Workshops will be held in Richmond (Maymont on April 25 and Forest Hill Park in June), Farmville, and other places in the region. Go to Clean Virginia Waterways’ web site for details: Click on “Rain Barrels.” CVW is affiliated with Longwood University in Farmville.

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