Global cooling?

We’ve seen a lot in the news lately about volcanic eruptions.  My recent blog post here  on Mt Redoubt garnered scant reader interest, but I think as time goes people may start to pay more attention.

Large scale climate effects from volcanoes are historically documented.  The attached article written by Joe D’Aleo (a very knowledgeable meteorologist in this stuff)  gives some terrific insight:

Posted by Jim Duncan


17 Responses to Global cooling?

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, a man forcast bad weather by volcanoes. I don’t remember his name, but WRVA Radio’s Alden Aero(sp?) reported about him often. We listened for the reports and prepared when he said it would be bad weather. The man lived in Richmond. I wish you could find out about his methods and read up on it. I have no idea where you could find out about him.
    Rose Marie
    Providence Forge

  2. Jean in Richmond says:

    Another interesting topic to read up on is “Global Dimming”. We don’t hear much about this theory (I’m sure many would like to keep it quiet). It’s based on the assumption that we are actually cooling the earth rather than warming the earth with our activities such as pollution and CO2 emissions, etc. We are putting a barrier between earth and the heat from the sun, thus blocking the natural cycle of global warming (and we happen to be in that natural cycle if you look at past events). Granted I think our activities are harmful, but more to ourselves than the earth. Read up on Global Dimming and give your thoughts – it does make you think. One researcher studied the effects of airplane contrails just after the 9-11 days when all air traffic was halted. The earth actually warmed a bit because the air emissions were less without the airplane emissions. Interesting?

  3. Mike S. says:

    Your old-time readers are right about Lewis Rubin and his volcano theories. He was right more often than not. Second, the post by Patrick Casey about the year without a summer was 1815. Snow was recorded in june and August with many crop failures. Several colder years followed. Sorry Al Gore.

  4. SCS says:

    Sorry for the double click 😦

  5. SCS says:

    I’m tired of being cold and having to wear long sleeves and pants! How cool are we talking? Fewer days over 95 or fewer days over 85? I can live with 85, any cooler might as well be winter!

  6. SCS says:

    Daggone it! I’m tired of being cold and having to wear long sleeves and pants! How cool are we talking? Fewer days over 95 or fewer days over 85? I can live with 85, any cooler might as well be winter!

  7. Sarah says:

    I’m really hoping this “cooling” won’t effect the Strawberry Hill Races this weekend 🙂

  8. Tom says:

    I would keep this quite Jim…. The Liberals and Democrates have a lot riding on “Global Warming”. They think everyone is “Brain dead” except them.

  9. Gil in Mechanicsville says:

    Shades of Lewis Rubin indeed… Jim , you should do a little research on his predictions. I remember back in the sixties how the Times Dispatch would post his forecast for the coming year in early September. He would predict unusually cold weather and was accurate to within 48 hours. We use to post them on the refrigerator so we would know when it was going to snow.

    His formula was supposedly passed along to his daughter at his death but he said it was based on volcanic eruptions.

  10. Syl says:

    Well, the cooling trend had already begun before Redoubt, with the quiet sun and more importantly the shift in the PDO.

  11. harrison says:

    it wasn’t cold enough for snow yesterday, it was like 40 in the afternoon

  12. Jonathan says:

    Ran through quick bursts of light snow numerous times this afternoon in New Kent and Charles City.

  13. Patrick Casey says:

    I recall reading a story many years ago about the year that summer never came. From what I remember it was a true story, and it happened because of a volcanic eruption .

    Many skeptics of global warning contend that the atmosphere goes thru heating and cooling cycles. But if an infrequent event, such as a volcano eruption, can change the atmoshphere with its pollutants, what can we do to the atmosphere spewing out combustion related pollutants all day every day?

  14. Tracy Morgan says:

    I feel that global cooling outside today

  15. Awesome! I’ll begin construction on my snow barrels this evening!

  16. Doug Blue says:

    Shades of Rubin Days!

  17. Liz says:

    Very interesting! I would love to have a cool comfortable summer and a cold winter with lots of snow!

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