Here we go again

Multiple days of gray skies and rain are slated for the first half of this week (April 13>).  Your typical springtime weather set-up is taking shape, i.e. cool high pressure to the north and waves of moisture over-running that cool air from the south.

This is actually very common around here this time of year.  Virginia is positioned in such a way as to make us one of the prime spots for extended periods with no sunshine during the spring.  Sure, we have our brilliant blue sky, sunny days often too, but we are about to enter one of the gray phases.

What’s your opinion?  Do you like our weather here in general, or do you wish our local climate was a little different?

Posted by Jim Duncan


22 Responses to Here we go again

  1. catherine abernathy says:

    I have been looking for rain for that last several days with no luck Brunswick County appears to have fallen off the map I will need to water or irrigate if we do not get appreciable rain today ca

  2. RMB says:

    Got that right Dave. I prefer national weather forecasts…more reliable than these local idiots!

  3. Jason B says:

    doesn’t bother me any i would like to keep my none tan aka sun burn going….would love to see more rain though.

  4. Dave G says:

    WOW, if I was as bad as forecasting at my job as these guys are I would be FIRED!!! All week, partly cloudy skies on Saturday for the race. BAM… 2 days later, rain Friday – Tuesday. Same thing happened for Strawberry Hill. 75 and sunny, it was 50 rainy and windy. Keep blowing the forecasts guys, keep up the good work.

  5. Quequegs says:

    OK,I’m finally convinced that there is a conspiracy against me. I have a crazy schedule and everytime I have to work it’s like the Garden of Eden outside and then when I’m off it’s time to water the earth.

    I wonder if I change my schedule, will the sun shine for me? :0)

  6. Elaine says:

    I like the weather we have here…for the most part. I don’t like when there are too many cloudy days in a row and I don’t like the humidity in the summer. Other than that, it’s fine. 😉

  7. Joy says:

    I like our chnage of seasons, but I liked it better back in the 60s when snow was not a rarity. We used to have lovely snows each winter – not once every 5 years. Also, our summers are a bear! Way too humid and hot.

  8. harrison says:

    I try to make some extra money by cutting grass, by the time things are almost dry it rains again!!!! I WANT SUN!!!!!

  9. Shawn says:

    I play tennis at my school. All of the matches and practices are getting rained out!! I HATE THE RAIN!!!!

  10. Kare says:

    Okay, not that I enjoy this rain . . . but as someone who watches toddlers, it makes for GREAT! nap times! At least there is something positive about the rain.

  11. Jonathan says:

    I like it when each season is distinct. I feel like this year has been like that. Some years it seems like as soon as April gets here we are up in the 70’s and 80’s consistently. But this year it’s just been a slow warm up. Of course I prefer colder weather so I am biased.

  12. Jolene Palmore says:

    What do you mean Jim with “we are ABOUT to enter the gray period”? It’s been GRAY for a month!!! Please bring on Summer!

  13. Paul says:

    The Weather changes here are not as bad as Denver – 60 one day and 12 inches of snow the next.
    This is typical VA weather, we get no real spring or fall – only winter and summer and a two or three weeks of spring and fall. By this time next month we will be dealing with 90 temps. LOL!

  14. Syl says:

    Cloudy rainy days are great excuses not to even think about maybe starting Spring cleaning. For that you need blue skies, sun, and a slight breeze to put you in the mood.

  15. Tim says:

    I love the extended periods of cloudy weather! It is easy on the eyes, no harsh sunlight and shadows to deal with. Plus it puts my soul at ease.

  16. Rudy says:

    I don’t mind the rain or the clouds, but I’d prefer a little more consistency during the spring, temperature-wise. My plants don’t like 70 degrees one day, then 32 degrees the next, then back to the 60s. Gets them confused!

  17. harrison says:

    very funny ha ha ha :I

  18. I prefer the climate on Mars. A little nippy in the winter time, but nothing a Starbucks Frappicino won’t cure.

  19. Dave says:

    I think I like the variety. We get to experience all four seasons. A little cold,a little hot,a little snow,a little thunder all of which I love. On Saturdays and Sundays, I prefer 70’s and sunny. Spoken like a true golfer!! See what you can do about that, Jim!

  20. nbc12weather says:

    Sarah, Saturday’s cold air arrived a lot quicker than I expected, and the clouds/rain lingered longer. Oh well. Jim Duncan

  21. Sarah says:

    And what is with the (what seemed like) 20 degree drop on Saturday? I was at Strawberry Hill and it went from being kinda warm to being able to see our breath in a matter of just a few mnts! I would like to stress I do not like it when mother nature surprises us like that 🙂

  22. Sarah says:

    I do not like these extended periods with no sunshine. Thank goodness it’s really only around this time of year…I couldn’t handle much else 🙂 I love VA weather. It’s “like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get”

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