Do you have a weather radio?

Unless you never watch NBC12, then you must know by now that we are promoting and selling  NOAA weather radios in partnership with several organizations.  These radios can be an important first line of alert when severe weather stikes.

It’s been said that when it comes to severe storms, it’s a matter of when, not if you will someday be directly affected by one. 

Does severe weather concern you, or do you think we focus on it too much?

Posted by Jim Duncan


4 Responses to Do you have a weather radio?

  1. Susan says:

    Well, as a person whose house had shingles ripped off by a tornado (or at least we think it was) Lightning hitting a remote control for a fan, while my husband was standing underneath it, two trees it by lightening, and the corner of the house hit by lightening. And the house is still standing. (Yes Andrew already said we needed a lightening rod). I think you can never pay to much attention to the weather here in Central VA. It’s to changeable.

  2. SMarie says:

    We got one right after Isabel. We also stocked up on batteries of all sizes. I placed them in see through containers arranged by size in a kitchen cabinet next to the flashlight ,long stick matches and a box of candles,camping lantern and the radio. We have another set up like this one for the upstairs. The candles and matches are if all else fails!
    Everyone is aware of the locations, so no need to fear the dark in a power outage! I have actually needed to use this system at least 4 times since hurricane Isabel. Everyone is much calmer in a storm situation with the preparations that have been made. The last time we lost power during a storm, I slept with the weather radio and lantern next to the bed and so did everyone else. I prepare in the hopes that I don’t really need to, it makes the whole household feel like they have a little bit of control and everyone sleeps better!

  3. Sorry for not commenting sooner, SCS. I guess I was just too darn busy listening to my BRAND NEW WEATHER RADIO from KROGER! Pick up yours today!!!

  4. SCS says:

    It seems to me that the majority of our tornado potential t’storms come in the evening when most (not all) folks are still awake. Due to my work schedule I am often more concerned about my daughter (16y.o.) being home alone and plugged into her iPOD. She would’t hear the weather radio or TV/radio. I did give my Dad one for Father’s Day a couple years ago because he now lives in FL year round. BTW, why hasn’t “The Mighty Dickerson” weighed in yet? Weather radios are his favorite subject! 🙂

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