Amazing hurricane fact

On our annual hurricane special that aired June 1st, an amazing, yet little known statistic was shown in one of the segments.  We were discussing the climatology of hurricane tracks, and showed a graphic from the National Climatic Data Center.  Here’s the link to that graphic from the Tropical Prediction Center website:

It shows that there have been no landfalling hurricanes on the Virginia coast in the database record, going back to 1950.  This fact, amazing as it seems, of course doesn’t tell the whole story.  It’s based on where the eye of the hurricane makes landfall, and while by this standard there have apparently been no direct landfalls from a hurricane in Virginia, we of course have felt the destructive impacts of many powerful storms shortly after they’ve made landfall to our south.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting and surprising bit of information.

Posted by Jim Duncan


6 Responses to Amazing hurricane fact

  1. harrison says:

    Jim, Janet had a good question about lighting could you answer it. 🙂

  2. nbc12weather says:

    “Amazing” refers to the perception by most that the Virginia coast is especially vulnerable to direct landfalls of hurricane eyewalls. We understand the physics of why this is so. The point of the post is that hurricanes can have devastating impacts on Virginia despite not meeting the purest definition of “landfall”.

  3. Sirius the Star Dog says:

    Not amazing at all, seeing how the coast line is oriented and the fact that by the time hurricanes reach the mid-latitudes…they’re well on their way re-curving into the Atlantic.

    Being meteorologists, you do know about Coriolis, right?

  4. Janet says:

    Jim, I have a question for you regarding the dangers of lightening. We always hear that we should not take a shower during a thunderstorm etc. and I am always reminding husband of this but he insists that it’s only for those who have metal plumbing. Is this true? That those of us who have plastic pipes do not need to worry about that?

  5. Sorry, but that graphic is way too graphic for me. Nevertheless, you are correct – Virginia never gets the eye. At best we get an eyebrow, or maybe an earlobe.

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