Flood vs. Flash Flood

Posted By Andrew Freiden

Today’s (Friday’s) Flood Watch brings up a reason to compare Floods vs. Flash Floods. 

“Flash” is the key word here.  It implies “quick” or “sudden.”   Flash Floods happen with sudden downpours that overwhelm creeks and streams within minutes.  A big thunderstorm that produces huge downpours over the course of a few minutes to an hour can produce flooding of low-lying areas very quickly.

A plain old Flood Watch is typically issued on days like today when heavy rain is expected to be stretched out over a long period of time.  When a Flood Watch is issued, creeks, streams, and rivers are expected to rise slowly.


One Response to Flood vs. Flash Flood

  1. …As opposed to a Flush Flood. That’s what happens when your commode overflows, which happened to me the other day. Fortunately my NBC12 Weather Radio was not damaged.

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